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Why choose us

Make your customers love you

We all know that strong customer relations are the key to a successful business, but finding the time to maintain and grow those relationships, let alone build new ones, is tough.

So, should you give up and place Customer Relationship Management firmly in the ‘too-hard’ basket? With Act! the answer is ‘no’.

Act! makes it possible to run your business and give your customers the attention they deserve.

Six reasons why your business needs us

There are so many reasons to work with Act Today so to make things easier; we’ve picked out the top six:

  • Tailored solutions: We’ll take the time to understand your business and your customers, and then create a business solution that ticks all the boxes.
  • Powerful software: We have range of cost-effective, intelligent, CRM products to suit businesses of all sizes.
  • Easy implementation: Our streamlined integration process means your CRM strategy is brought to life quicker, with minimal down time for your team.
  • Specialised support: Our team of experts, led by world-renowned Act! Consultant Michael Bryant, has the knowledge of customer relationship management systems and experience to ensure you get the best results from Act!. Find out more about our support services.
  • National network: We have 16 certified Act! Consultants across Australia and New Zealand, in Adelaide, Auckland, Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast, Gosford, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth, Sydney and Wollongong.
  • Access to experts: Our Act! Consultants strive to maintain their cutting-edge CRM knowledge with regular training and development.

And while we don’t like to boast, we’re proud to have won the Best Act! Business Partner Award every year since its inception in 2000.

See more of what Act Today has to offer:

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To find out how Act! could transform your business, contact us or call Australia 1300 362 046, or New Zealand 0800 443 163.

What our customers say about us

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“As a small business, I have been impressed with Peter Vassella’s attention to rectify the urgent need for help in organising my Act! upgrade.”

Andrew Goggin Owner January 30, 2015

SPEAK TO AN ACT! SPECIALIST in Australia 1300 362 046

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