Save time looking for postcodes

Postcodes4Act! automatically inserts the State and Postcode into the contact record when you type in the suburb. It also detects any change in the suburb and automatically updates the record with the new State and Postcode.

If there is more than one postcode available for that suburb (ie. PO Box and/or Street), a list will appear allowing you to select the preferred choice.

Postcode Multiple PC

Postcodes4Act! enables you to look up on a Postcode range - a feature not available in Act!. Perfect for targeting marketing campaigns in certain areas or for sales rep allocation.

Postcode Lookup Range

It’s really simple, easy to use and saves you time. It's a must have AddOn for every Act! user.



AUD including GST
Annual subscription/per user

If purchasing more than 10 licences, please contact us for volume pricing.

Compatible with Act! 2007 (Version 9) and above.

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