Act! Premium allows you to benefit from the latest developments from Act! CRM as they happen.

Some of these features include mobile access, connectivity, email marketing, usability improvements and much more flexibility on how you integrate Act! into your business

Access Act! Anywhere, Anytime

One of the unique benefits of Act! Premium is the multiple deployment options it offers. Whether you are mobile and need Act! in the Cloud, or you work from home or an office and need local access, or you need a combination of different access methods, Act! has a solution for you.

On Premises or Web

Install Act! locally on your server and access it via your desktop or a web browser, whichever is most convenient.

In the Cloud

Choose hosted if you don't want the hassle of maintaining Act! software
on your own servers - we take care of it all. Find out more

On Mobile

Access Act! on your mobile using an app or via a web browser. View and edit customer data from anywhere, anytime.