Remote Support for Act!

Don’t have a support plan? No problem…

Purchase a single remote support session and get up to 90 minutes of remote assistance provided by one of our expert Act! Certified Consultants.

Simply add to your cart, pay using Visa or Mastercard, and your consultant will be notified immediately of your purchase. If you haven’t already scheduled a time with your consultant, we will contact you within 1 business day to schedule a time. If the matter is urgent, please contact your consultant directly as soon as possible in order to prioritise your request.

If more than 90 minutes is required, your consultant can arrange a fixed-price quotation for the job. If you would like more than one support session, please consider our support plans as these provide great value.

Brisbane Team: 1 session up to 90 minutes


  2. All support is provided by Act! Certified Consultants located in Australia . We do not outsource support to overseas technicians.
  3. This support session is provided via remote web login. For an on-site visit, please click here