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6 Signs That Your Act! Database Needs A Repair

May 16, 2017

Your Act! database can grow very quickly when you’re adding new contacts, adding/clearing activities and attaching emails and documents on a daily basis. Over time you might notice that the database performance is deteriorating or you start seeing error messages or worst of all, you can’t even open your database!  Don’t worry, it is usually […]

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Act! Database Repair

Is It Worth Upgrading to Act! Premium?

May 9, 2017

Act! have made some big changes in recent years including cloud and mobile apps, integrated connections to other business software, improvements in emarketing as well as moving to a Subscription based model. The majority of these new features are only available in the Premium version. Whilst Act! Pro contains most of the CRM functions that […]

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Upgrade from Act! Pro to Act! Premium

Top Tips for Managing Your Business Relationships Using CRM

May 1, 2017

Many small businesses adopt a CRM solution for the purpose of using it as a centralised repository for their customer information. However a CRM is much more than just a customer database. Your CRM should act as a powerful business tool to help you manage daily operations and marketing efforts. These aspects are particularly beneficial […]

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The Key to Boosting Your Team’s Productivity

April 26, 2017

Many companies choose to implement a CRM in order to improve staff productivity. The productivity benefits that a CRM solution offers include the ability to organise workflow tasks, maintain customer relationships and execute a variety of marketing activities that are aligned with sales goals. Despite these obvious benefits, many managers struggle with the implementation and […]

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Increase Productivity Through Training

How to Customise the Colours & Fonts in Act! Views, Lists & Tabs

April 25, 2017

When you get a new phone or computer, do you continue to use the ‘out-of-the-box’ settings or do you change the background, layouts etc? You’re probably like most people and like to create a personalised look that is tailored to you. Who wants to stick with the boring default settings when we can personalise the tools we […]

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Customising Act!

Why You Shouldn’t Roll Over Activities

April 18, 2017

You are an effective Act! user and proactively scheduling your To-Dos, Calls and Meetings to make sure that you do everything you said you would. Problem is, you have so many tasks that you cannot possibly get everything done each day. Someone told you that Act! can ‘roll over’ activities not completed from the day […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Roll Over Activities

How to Activate your Act! Subscription

For Act! Premium users of version v18 or below that have moved to Act! Premium Subscription If you have received a new Act! Subscription licence (through Business Care or you have upgraded), you need to will need to register and activate your new serial number. Once your Act! Subscription is activated, you will then be […]

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6 Steps to Ensure Act! CRM is Your Most Valuable Business Asset

March 17, 2017

When you make an investment in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, you want to see a return, therefore its vital to understand how CRM can be an asset to your business. For some people, they simply want a central store for their customer details. However, for many, they see CRM as an opportunity to reshape the way […]

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What’s new in Act! v19.1

March 8, 2017

Swiftpage have released the first big update for version 19. Unlike other updates for previous versions, this update is only available for Act! Pro v19 customers and Act! Premium customers who had current Act! Subscription or active Business Care at the time of release (8th March 2017).  Please note that Business Care customers will need a […]

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