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Beware of the Breaking Bad Virus

This week we have had 3 of our clients seriously affected by the ‘Breaking Bad’ virus. This new computer virus was discovered by Symantec over the weekend. It’s known as ‘ransomware’ as it encrypts your data and then demands money to decrypt your files.

The virus arrives as an email attachment under the disguise of the popular TV show, Breaking Bad. In a blog post, Symantec explains further that the virus “arrives through a malicious zip archive, which uses the name of a major courier firm in its file name. This zip archive contains a malicious file called ‘PENALTY.VBS’ (VBS.Downloader.Trojan) which when executed, downloads the crypto ransomware onto the victim’s computer. The threat also downloads and opens a legitimate .pdf file to trick users into thinking that the initial zip archive was not a malicious file.”

Breaking Bad Virus
A screenshot from the virus
Unfortunately, this virus can cause catastrophic results through loss of data. To avoid being affected, you should inform all of your staff to not open any email attachments from a source that they don’t recognise or trust. We have also heard that the virus uses other email subject lines such as ‘Federal Police’, so again don’t open attachments when you don’t know the sender under any circumstances.

This is a great incentive to ensure that you have a reliable backup system in place as the only way we can get Act! working again is to restore data from a backup. Additionally, you should ensure that ALL your data is backed up including emails and document attachments. See the Act! Knowledge Base article How to Backup and Restore an Act! Database

Alternatively, we are able to host your Act! data for you. Hosting can reduce your hardware and IT costs and give you the peace of mind that your data is maintained and backed up at a secure off-site location. For more information see Data Hosting

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