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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Act!

5 Things You Didn't Know About Act!


Act! has been the most popular Customer and Contact Managers for over 28 years because it’s easy to learn and use.
Whether you’ve just started using Act! or are a long time user, you know that Act! can transform the way you work – even if you just use the basics. Beyond lookups, mail merging and reports, Act! is full of tools and short-cuts to speed up your productivity. We couldn’t possibly list them all here so we have included 5 of our favourite tips to help you love Act! even more.

1. Universal Search

Use the Universal Search feature to quickly locate any information in Act!. Previous Act! users might have been familiar with the Keyword Search function. Although this was a great feature, it could be really slow if you had a large database. Universal Search (v14+) is faster and more expansive than ever. You can search contacts, groups, companies, opportunities, notes, history, and attachments. It will also search within supported attachment types (PDF, TXT, DOC, DOCX, etc.). You can filter the results by All Dates, Last 24 Hours, Last Week, or Last Month. Once your search results are displayed, a double-click on the item of interest will take you to that particular field or attachment for more detail. More information on Universal Search.

2. Custom Commands

If you regularly run an advanced lookup or merge into a particular Word template, you can easily add a custom button to your Act! toolbar. With just a click of a button, you will execute the lookup/template to save you time when performing repetitive tasks. Whether you want to add a custom command or another of your favourite Act! commands to a menu or toolbar, the steps are the same. After you try this tip, you’ll want to add your other favourite programs to your menu/toolbar for quick access and improve your productivity.
Find out how to Customise a Menu or Toolbar in Act!

3. Social Updates Tab

Social media gives you a fast, simple way to stay close to the things your customers care about. Act! helps you capitalise on this unique insight by integrating with popular social media services and pulling your customers’ recent posts together into one, centralised view on their contact record. Social Updates provides you with an insider’s-look by displaying a collection of your customers’ last 25 posts to LinkedIn® and Facebook® as privacy access allows. You’ll develop a greater understanding of your customers’ needs, opinions, and life events so you can act swiftly with a personalised phone call or a meaningful sales offer. Imagine the edge you’ll have!

View Social Updates for a Contact

  1. Open the contact’s Detail view.
  2. Click the Social Updates tab.
  3. Click the LinkedIn® or Facebook button to open the LinkedIn® or Facebook web site (you will need to log into your account the first time). Then the site will automatically search by the contact’s name.
  4. Click the result you would like for this contact or navigate to the contact’s page.
  5. When you find the page would like, click Remember This Page.
  6. Act! will remember one page per contact in each of the social sites. The change the page, navigate to a new page and click Remember This Page and the new page will overwrite the existing one.

Social Update in Act!
Hint: Use the Increase Tab Size button to expand the view.

4. “Browse” users are free

Act! has several different user security levels. Prior to v17, you required a licence for every “Active” user regardless of their security level. With Act! version 17 and above, Act! allows you to set up “Browse” users without requiring a licence i.e. it’s free. Browse users have “Read Only” access. They are able to view database information however they cannot modify this information in any way. Browse users also have access to Reports and Word Processing functions. This is great if you want someone to be able to login and look up contact information, check your calendar or create documents/reports. The number of Browse users you are able to create is limited to the number of licences you own. For example, if you have 6 Act! licences, you can also add another 6 Browse users to give a total of 12 Active users.

 5. Copy and Paste Contact Details

A great time saving trick is the ability to copy the primary contact information to your clipboard. Simply place your cursor in any field in the Contact Detail view, select Ctrl+C and your contact’s details will be ready to paste into an email, document or spreadsheet by selecting Ctrl+V. You can also copy primary details by selecting the contact in the Contact List view. For example, a customer calls in and leaves a message to get your colleague to call them back. After checking their Act! record, a Ctrl+C and then Ctrl-V into an email will enable you to quickly send the correct details of the caller to your colleague.

View sample of contact details

While we are on the topic, another handy tip for when you want to transfer a contact’s details to Excel. The contact details from Act! are pasted into multiple rows. To get the details to display across the page in one row, select the cells containing the data, copy again using Ctrl+C, select the first cell of the row where you want the data to go, then select Ctrl+Alt+V (Paste Special) and the Transpose option. This feature is unfortunately not yet available for Act! SaaS users.


Finally, if you are one of those people who use your keyboard more than your mouse, download our Act! Quick Reference Card for handy keyboard shortcuts.

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