Act CRM compatible with Windows 10? Act CRM compatible with Windows 10?

6 Factors to Consider Before
Upgrading to Windows 10

Microsoft released Windows 10 on the 29th July 2015. Marketed as the ‘best Windows ever’, Microsoft are offering a free upgrade for the first year after the launch.

Windows 10 is ‘packed with new innovations’, however there are a few factors that you need to consider before taking up their enticing offer.

  1. Any new release of Windows often includes some bugs. Its always best to wait until first update is available and let the ‘others’ figure out the bugs
  2. Not all of your applications would necessarily be Windows 10 certified causing possible issues and a loss of productivity
  3. Windows 10 only supports Microsoft SQL 2012 and 2014 which is used by Act! version 17
  4. Microsoft does not support SQL Server 2008 on Windows 10 which is used by Act! v16 and lower
  5. If you upgrade Act! to version 17, SQL 2008 will still be the current SQL version so you will need to upgrade SQL to 2012 or 2014
  6. No previous versions of Act! will be certified with Windows 10…only future versions (v18+).


Windows 10 has a high level of security and tends to lock down your system. Some of our customers have upgraded to Windows 10 already and have found that Act! will not open. Microsoft Windows 10In these cases we have had to reset the security features in Windows and/or upgrade to Microsoft SQL 2014 in order to get Act! to work. So even though Act! does not ‘officially’ support Windows 10 – Act! v17 will operate on it – just may need some tweaking*.

We highly recommend that you take into consideration the loss of productivity that may result from upgrading to Windows 10. Additionally, the ‘free’ upgrade may end up costing you as IT support will be necessary to get your applications running (and not just Act!).

For more information see the Act! Knowledge Base: Is Act! compatible with Windows® 10?

If you would like to discuss the compatibility between Act! and Windows 10 please contact us.

For more information see Known Issues and Workarounds for using Act v17 and later with Windows 10

Microsoft Fixes The Worst Problem With Windows 10 Upgrades

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* Please note that Act! support for Windows 10 is fee based.

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