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Act! Subscription vs Business Care

Act! Subscription vs Business Care
Act! Subscription was officially released in Australia and New Zealand on the 4th May 2016 to replace the Act! Business Care model. Whilst the 2 products are very similar, there are some additional benefits associated with the Act! Subscription model.

Act! Subscription was initially introduced to the US market in 2015 in order to provide customers with multiple payment options and allow their Act! system to easily stay current and compatible with the operating systems, applications, browsers and online services that they use everyday. The new subscription model has received extensive positive acceptance throughout the Act! community due to the reduced capital expense for businesses. This has allowed more room for deployment, development, training and Act! tools to enhance user experience.

What are the additional benefits of Subscription?

Flexible pricing
Act! is now accessible without the upfront capital investment as subscription allows customers to pay monthly for maximum flexibility or annually for maximum savings. Permanent license options are also available however we highly recommend going with a subscription plan – keep reading the points listed below.

Access to innovative future features and services
Like Business Care, Act! Subscriptions automatically entitle users to the latest Act! features and platform updates, new services and integrations, and continuous improvements as they are released. These updates help to future-proof your system by reducing the risk of losing compatibility with popular business applications and platforms including Windows®, Outlook®, Google™ and more.

Unlimited access to training resources
Previously under Business Care, Bronze subscribers received a 50% discount on the Act! Essentials and Act! Administrator Video Libraries. With an Act! subscription, customers gain access to an extensive library of training resources, including 100+ training videos, informative guides, product documentation, whitepapers, and more.

Technical support included
Act! subscriptions now include ongoing basic level technical support. Subscribers have access to an exclusive online ticketing system, extensive Knowledgebase, an active Community, and unlimited access to the Act! training library. For additional services outside the subscription technical support scope, our Act! consultants (ACCs) are able to provide expert help, advice and training. To contact your local ACC visit find a consultant.

I’m a current Business Care Customer – how does subscription effect my plan?

As a current Business Care customer, you are able to continue receiving the benefits of your Business Care plan until the existing contract end date.

At time of renewal, you can simply renew into one of the subscription plans exclusively available for Business Care Bronze customers. You have access to limited-time-only pricing for Business Care Bronze customers, plus you get to keep the latest version of Act! at no additional cost if you should ever choose to cancel. In order to take advantage of this exclusive pricing, you must subscribe within 30 days of your current Business Care end-date. These exclusive plans do not include the standard technical support that the full subscription plan offers however we do have great value-for-money add-on options that provide comprehensive support.

I’m a current Act! v17-v18 customer – what are my options?

When you are ready to upgrade to the latest version of Act!, you can opt-in to one of the new subscription plans and take advantage of limited-time-only Act! loyalty pricing. All subscription plans (with exception to Business Care customers – see above) now include standard technical support provided by Swiftpage. Contact us for exclusive loyalty pricing to get on the latest version of Act!.

I’m a using an old version of Act! (V16 or below) – what are my options?

Act! users of version 16 (2014) and below are able to opt in to an Act! Subscription plan at the standard subscription price to get access to the latest version along with all the benefits listed above.

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