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10 Factors to consider
when choosing a CRM

10 Factors to consider when choosing a CRM


A CRM database can enhance the way you conduct and find business while supporting your existing internal processes. Choosing the right CRM solution from the many available on the market may seem like an overwhelming task, but asking the correct questions will soon separate the ideal from the unsuitable. Here are a 10 factors worth considering when doing your research:

1. Ease of use

Look for a solution that’s easy for yourself and your employees to learn and use, with an intuitive user interface.

2. Cloud access

If you have reps or agents out on the road, or staff working offsite, a cloud-based solution could be worth considering.

3. Customisation

The ideal CRM can be customised and adapted to capture information about the people you deal with and support the way your team works.

4. Subscription or Perpetual?

Does it suit your cashflow and organisation to pay a low monthly or annual fee, or to own your CRM software outright?

5. Reporting and analytics

Some CRMs provide a greater level of data analysis, so take this into account if reporting is important to your organisation.

6. Integration

You may prefer an all-in-one solution, or software that integrates and syncs seamlessly with particular third party services.

7. Security

Whether cloud-based or on-premises, you’ll want to know your crucial data is safe (and backed up) in the event of a cyber-attack or data loss.

8. Built-in marketing tools

Some CRMs offer extra functionality such as email marketing, text messaging and social media tools, making it simple to reach the right contacts with the right message.

9. Niche-based solutions

Certain CRM solutions have been specifically developed for a particular industry or service.

10. Support and service

Be sure your CRM software is backed by a knowledgeable and accessible support team that is well established, with testimonials to prove their competency and track record.

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