5 Ways Act! Can Benefit Your Business - Act Today CRM Consultants 5 Ways Act! Can Benefit Your Business - Act Today CRM Consultants

5 Ways Act! can benefit your business

1. Give Your Team Direction

Act! Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software allows you to properly plan and co-ordinate your team’s daily activities and prioritise them accordingly. By using Act!, you are effectively removing the need for your team to perform repetitive administrative tasks, which gives them more time to increase productivity in other more important areas, like sales.

2. Target Prospects Effectively

Act! CRM software gives you the ability to effectively target and nurture prospective customers or clients by reaching out to them in a timely, co-ordinated and professional manner. Don’t let potential customers or clients slip through the cracks…use Act! to ensure you get their business.

3. Meet Deadlines & Quotas

Act! CRM software will ensure you never miss a deadline or sales quota again. Act! can be easily customised to suit your unique selling or working philosophy. Once this is achieved the software will effortlessly guide your sales from pitch to close.

4. Cover All Bases

Act! CRM software gives you the power to properly manage your responsibilities, monitor customer communications effectively and even automate redundant tasks. By using Act! to better manage your time, you are ensuring that you never miss an important task or forget to contact a high-priority client.

5. Access Your Information, Anywhere

Act! CRM software can be accessed using a web-based interface or via your favourite handheld device. You have access to all of your contact interactions including contact details, your calendar and sales opportunities while you are on the go, ensuring you never miss a beat. For more information see Act! Mobility.

To find out how Act! could transform your business, contact us or call our office in Australia 1300 362 046 or  New Zealand 0800 443 163.

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