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Let your Corporate Email Signature do the talking

The main purpose of a corporate email signature is to provide your email recipients with your personal and associated company’s identity. This includes but is definitely not limited to your name, position, contact details, company website and social media links. This is all well and good but could your signature be a key part of your communication channel? With email being the most effective way to reach a target audience to avoid the clutter of the web, your corporate signature is a very important consideration.

Your email signature has so much potential in terms of marketing. It has the power to create a first impression, promote your company’s products/services, display upcoming events/promotions and more.

Here are some important tips on what to consider when creating your corporate signature.


Consistency is so important when it comes to marketing to ensure the one message is communicated by everyone in your company, regardless of department. This is the same for a corporate signature; every member of the company should have a similar themed signature to each other. This reinforces your brand’s identity, especially if numerous contacts at a company are dealing with the one client.

Social Media

Ensure that your company’s social media presence is promoted in your signature. See this as another advertising platform to promote the social media your company is present on. Remember your social media is only as powerful as your followers and your email recipients are likely to be prospective quality followers.

Targeted Marketing

Marketing is especially successful when the right content and message is targeted to a clearly defined market group. Your everyday email exchange can also be used to promote certain products/services/events/promotions to the right audience.

To prevent your signature looking too complex and lengthy, you can achieve this with the use of a visual banner that is placed below your signature. These banners will encourage your recipients to take different actions, such as click a link to visit a webinar registration page.

Below is an example of how we use banners with our email signature. We typically use this banner for users of older versions of Act! to provide them with information on what is new in the latest release. The desired action is for email recipients to learn more about this latest version, which would contribute to a decision to upgrade now or consider it in the future.

Act Today Email Signature

To do this effectively, create a series of banners that are designed to attract different target segments such as new leads or users. This is where having a CRM like Act! can come in handy. Before sending a prospect/client an email, get into the habit of checking if the sender is in your database. Gather background information and send an email with the appropriate signature banner that would be of most benefit to them.

Just like any form of marketing, you need to measure and track results. One way to do this is to create a unique URL and use this link in your banners to track click through rates.

Do not overuse the power of the email signature

You want your signature to be attractive but you never want it to be irritating. If you are repeatedly corresponding with the one contact, avoid using banners and/or lengthy signatures in every email you send. This will only create a lengthy email thread. Instead, after 1 or 2 emails, use a condensed version of your email signature.

Final Notes

Marketing is vital to your business, especially small business, so always find ways to create value in everything you do. It does not have to be a costly exercise. Incorporating marketing in your signature is one of many cost-effective communication channels.

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