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Rate Your Need for a Customer Management System

Rate your need for a Customer and Contact Management System


Business is booming. You’re in cycle with an impressive number of customers and prospects, and you manage to keep them all quite happy. But, what if you could achieve even greater success without working harder? Even better, what if you could be more productive, while actually working less? It requires a lot of effort to manage clients via a mix of e-mails, contact information, documents, spreadsheets, and notes. It’s time-consuming and sometimes confusing. You strain to remember things that happened weeks ago. You’re forced to gather a bunch of separate documents and handwritten notes or collect information from people on your team every time you head out the door to meet with customers.

How much time and effort would you save if you could keep all of your customer information in one easy-to-access place? Would that enable you to spend more time actually doing business and less time managing it? Many software vendors claim to possess the key to enabling this possibility. You’ve heard plenty of buzz about what contact managers, CRM solutions, and other software solutions can do for you. But, how do you know the differences between offerings? Most importantly, how can you be sure that software can solve your business management challenges in the first place?

The following 7 questions address typical “red flag” scenarios that signify a need for contact and customer management system.

1. Have you ever wanted to organise all of your business data about a contact, customer, or company, but couldn’t figure out how to neatly compile it from multiple places and applications?
Compiling contact and customer data “under one roof” saves hours of wasted time for contact and customer management users. It eliminates potential errors and the need to perform duplicate tasks. It frees you from the hassle of maintaining a contact list in one application, account history in another, e-mail communications and appointments in yet another, and keeping track of multiple documents on your hard drive.

2. Have you ever wasted time searching for a key piece of customer information or needed to retrieve exactly what you sent to a customer/prospect?
Never waste another hour searching through paper-based systems, multiple spreadsheets, and e-mail folders. With contact and customer management, you have complete information at your fingertips. And, if you don’t immediately see what you’re looking for, you can perform ultra-fast database lookups, even when searching on a partial name or word. Beyond the time savings, you’ll reduce your frustration by quickly determining whether the data exists.

3. Have you ever wished you had a personal assistant who kept you informed of every upcoming appointment, important date, and task?
Staying on top of your appointments and to-dos is a surefire way to impress customers, expedite sales, and reduce personal stress. Contact and customer management takes the pressure out of managing your daily responsibilities – appointments, calls, to-dos, etc. – so that you can focus on the task at hand, instead of worrying about what’s coming next.

4. Have you ever wanted an automated way to create and deliver customer communications, instead of spending hours or days creating them individually?
To generate future business, you need to regularly deliver marketing materials, promotions, and other communications to your prospects and customers. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time to build and deliver these communications by hand. And, frankly, you’d rather spend your time selling. But, you can’t overlook the increased business that springs from personalised, automated communications and marketing materials. You just need a fast, easy way to get it done.

5. Have you ever wanted to make an application work the way you want it to work, or wished multiple applications would work together?
Gaining flexibility in the way you work enables you to do more, even when you don’t have more time. The ability to form-fit an application to your needs, as well as to integrate it with other applications, increases your productivity, efficiency, and creativity.

6. Have you ever wished you could gain clear insight into the exact status of all current Opportunities – whether for yourself or for your team?
Planning your sales strategy requires insight into your current pipeline. If you don’t know the life cycle of a typical sale or how many opportunities exist, then you can’t realistically predict and
improve future sales cycles. Insight into your sales pipeline allows you to manage the right opportunities at the right time. Contact and customer management helps you know when to push harder to close deals and when to focus on adding more prospects to your pipeline. It puts you in control of your comprehensive sales strategy.

7. Have you ever wished for a “bird’s eye view” into key areas of your business?
To perpetuate a successful business, you need access to high-level information that consolidates related data. This type of intelligence allows you to identify trends, lets you see the consistency of day- to-day operations from a distance, and makes it easy to isolate subsets of data that require separate analysis. As a result, you learn how to reproduce positive results and quickly end
negative patterns.

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you are a strong candidate for contact and customer management software. To enable you to confidently explore your contact and customer management options and make an informed decision, read the full white paper,
Rate Your Need for a Contact and Customer Management System.

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