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Use CRM to Build Loyalty and Increase Customer Retention

June 13, 2017

If you are like most small and midsize businesses, a large percentage of your annual marketing budget is allocated to customer acquisition. You spend a lot of time and money on developing and executing your marketing campaigns and if they work, you have new leads that turn into sales. Well done you! But what happens […]

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Use CRM to Build Loyalty and Increase Customer Retention

Improve Customer Retention with SMS

December 13, 2016

Effective customer relationship management is a critical component to successfully growing your business. Like any relationship, communication is key. As daily demands mount it can be challenging to stay on top . Without a system in place, communication often falls to the wayside.  As communication breaks down, trust can be lost.  A loyal customer who […]

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Improve Customer Retention with SMS

8 Tips to Successful SMS Marketing

November 16, 2016

Lead nurturing is a critical component to any business. HubSpot reports that “leads nurtured with targeted content produce an increase in sales opportunities of more than 20%”1. SMS is really easy and effective tool to maximise your lead nurturing marketing efforts for both B2C and B2B companies. Here are some interesting statistics about SMS and what […]

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SMS Marketing

5 Reasons To Choose Act! Over Salesforce

November 10, 2016

Are you looking at or currently using a CRM like Salesforce to manage your business relationships? Finding the right Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution that also matches your business/industry requirements is an ominous task for any organisation. Add to that the hundreds of CRMs currently on the market and it can be time consuming and […]

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Salesforce vs Act!

Where do my leads come from?

November 4, 2016

When deciding where to spend your marketing dollars, it’s important to understand where your new customers are coming from. By tracking the lead source within your Act! Database, you can see how your customers find you, determine the marketing channels that are most effective for your business and where you should be investing your time […]

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Where do my leads come from?

5 Ways CRM Will Help You To Provide Superior Customer Service

November 1, 2016

Are you currently using paper-based systems, spreadsheets, Microsoft® Outlook® or an unwieldly CRM other than Act! to manage your business relationships? If this is your situation then you are probably spending too much time searching for information. Often, you need this information at a moment’s notice and just cannot find it. Or, once you find it, you only get […]

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5 Ways CRM will help you provide superior customer service

How to ensure your emails don’t end up as SPAM

November 30, 2015

Email marketing can be a very effective way to stay ‘front of mind’ with your customers but before investing time and resources into creating an email campaign there are several elements to consider. You need to design and create effective content, calls to action and landing pages and make sure that it looks good in […]

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How to avoid the spam folder

How to Get Started with Emarketing

November 27, 2015

Even in this world of social media, email marketing is still an essential tool for business with 59% of B2B marketers believing that it is the most effective channel for generating revenue[1]. The process of implementing an email marketing campaign may seem a little daunting however once you get your strategy and process right, email marketing […]

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Get started with Act! emarketing

8 Reasons Your Business
Should Be Using SMS

September 16, 2015

With the popularity of smartphone users increasing every year, mobile marketing has become a significant opportunity for small business. More than ever, it is crucial to stay “front of mind” with customers in order to stay in business. Using SMS is one of the more affordable and effective ways to keep customers up to date […]

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SMS for Act!
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