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End of the Line for Sage Act! 2013 (v15)

End of Line for Act! 2013 (Version 15)

In accordance with the Swiftpage Support Obsolescence Policy, sales of Sage Act!1 2013 (v15.x) in Australia and New Zealand will end 23rd December 2015. After this date, Swiftpage will not be delivering further service packs, hot fixes or compatibility updates for Act! 2013 (v15.x). Also, you will not be able to purchase additional licences of Act! 2013 or be eligible for upgrade pricing to the latest version. For current Act! 2013 users, this could have a significant impact on your business so please consider the following factors:

Ongoing Support. While Swiftpage’s technical support for Act! 2013 will cease after 31st January 2016, Act Today will continue to provide Act! 2013 users with ongoing support (as we do with all version of Act!) on a fee-based service.

Stay compatible. We highly recommend keeping your Act! solution up to date to ensure that Act! is always compatible with the latest operating/desktop systems and operating at peak performance. If you purchase new PC’s with Windows 10 and Office 2016, you will be required to upgrade to Version 18 as it is the only version that officially supports these products. This may be an expense you are not expecting after spending money on new hardware/software?

Save on upgrade costs. If you purchase an upgrade2 for Act! 2013 prior to 23rd December 2015, you will still be eligible for upgrade pricing. After this date, users on versions 15 and older will need to purchase full price licences as upgrade pricing is only available to users on the 2 versions below the current version.  Upgrade pricing is around 30% less than full pricing so if you think that you will be upgrading other software/hardware or increasing Act! users in 2016, we strongly recommend that you consider purchasing your upgrade before the end of the year. You do not have to install the upgrade straight away – if you prefer, you can implement v18 in the new year when you have more time.

Don’t want to upgrade? If you are currently using Act! 2013 and do not wish to upgrade based on budget, lack of need, or older IT infrastructure, we recommend that you consider any future requirement for additional licences to support team growth. All Act! users sharing a database need to be using the same version.  Adding one new user next year will mean you will have to upgrade all your licences to the latest version.

To discuss your Act! options, please contact your local consultant or call us on 1300 362 046.

What’s new since your version? Upgrade Pricing

Factors to consider when upgrading

For pricing and purchase of Act! Upgrade licences, please contact us on 1300 362 046
or email actsales@acttoday.com.au

[1] Act! was purchased by Swiftpage in 2013 and renamed from Sage Act! to just Act!. See the history of Act!

[2] The Act! upgrade must include Business Care. If you purchase prior to the release of version 18, you will be entitled to Version 18 – please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery of your v18 licences.

SPEAK TO AN ACT! SPECIALIST in Australia 1300 362 046

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