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5 Benefits of using Social Media in Act!

July 19, 2017

Social media gives you a fast, simple way to help you understand who your customers are and what’s important to them. By using relevant customer data, you can build greater relationships with your customers that can drive sales and increase your revenue. Additionally, the more connected you are with your customers, the more loyal they […]

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Social CRM with Act!

Office 2016 Microsoft update breaks Outlook integration with Act!

June 21, 2017

Microsoft recently released an update for Outlook 2016 that is affecting the integration with other software applications that use the MAPI integration such as MYOB, iCloud and Act!. So unfortunately, this update affects any version of Act! that integrates with either Outlook 2016 (local install) or Outlook 365 subscription. What symptoms will you see Sending […]

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Office 2016 Microsoft Update breaks Outlook integration with Act!

Software Licencing:
Perpetual vs Subscription

June 20, 2017

Subscription software isn’t a new idea, however it’s new for Act! Customers. For the last 30 years, Act! has been sold as perpetual licence. To help explain the difference between a perpetual licence and a subscription licence, we explain each model and some factors that you might consider before deciding on which model is best […]

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Subscription-vs-Perpetual Licence

Top Tips for Managing Your Business Relationships Using CRM

May 1, 2017

Many small businesses adopt a CRM solution for the purpose of using it as a centralised repository for their customer information. However a CRM is much more than just a customer database. Your CRM should act as a powerful business tool to help you manage daily operations and marketing efforts. These aspects are particularly beneficial […]

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How to Customise the Colours & Fonts in Act! Views, Lists & Tabs

April 25, 2017

When you get a new phone or computer, do you continue to use the ‘out-of-the-box’ settings or do you change the background, layouts etc? You’re probably like most people and like to create a personalised look that is tailored to you. Who wants to stick with the boring default settings when we can personalise the tools we […]

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Customising Act!

Why You Shouldn’t Roll Over Activities

April 18, 2017

You are an effective Act! user and proactively scheduling your To-Dos, Calls and Meetings to make sure that you do everything you said you would. Problem is, you have so many tasks that you cannot possibly get everything done each day. Someone told you that Act! can ‘roll over’ activities not completed from the day […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Roll Over Activities

Cloud CRM: Local vs Offshore Hosting

February 13, 2017

Hosting refers to where your data and software is stored and accessed from, whether that is within Australia or overseas. If you choose to outsource the storage of your cloud CRM system, one key consideration should be where your data is located. On one hand, international hosting is typically much lower in cost, while local Australian options usually […]

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Local vs Offshore Hosting

4 Brilliant Ways to Drive Revenue for your Business

February 9, 2017

Meeting ever-increasing sales quotas while selling against competitors is a key challenge for many sales reps. With each day filled with managing sales, meetings with prospective customers and monitoring performance it’s easy to fall behind and lose track of the important tasks that you should be doing to grow the business. With Act! CRM Solutions, […]

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Drive Revenue for your Business

Why Small Businesses Need a CRM

January 23, 2017

CRM – The best kept secret in the world of small business. Many small business owners start out by storing their customer data in Excel spreadsheets or Outlook. Whilst these tools can fulfill basic needs, most businesses will inevitably struggle to grow without an effective system to manage all their contact information. Holding onto an […]

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Why Small Businesses Need a CRM
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