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Finance company doubles contact rates with Act! and SMS

Debt Negotiators - SMS for Act!

Debt Negotiators are an Australian owned company providing confidential, impartial, judgement-free consultation and advice on how to best consolidate debt.

Act! CRM users since 2009, Debt Negotiators needed an efficient and effective way to contact clients via a communication channel that was immediate, interactive and private. Using an AddOn called SMS4Act!, they send a range of messages to prospects and clients throughout every stage of the debt agreement process.

Adam Ibrahim, Director, Debt Negotiators said that prior to introducing SMS4Act!, the company was experiencing a 50-60% non-contact rate for initial calls. By using SMS, their initial non-contact rate has dropped to around 25%.

“In our industry we are often dealing with people that are in financial distress. They initially contact us in their private time, which can be any time of the day, and if we are unavailable to take that call they leave a message. When we try to get back in touch with them, the time we call back might not suit them, or to answer might be embarrassing for them (in front of colleagues or family) so they can’t or won’t take our call”.

To keep clients up to date, Debt Negotiators can easily send updates on the status of a client’s case and payment schedule information.

“SMS4Act! has saved huge amounts of time for our staff and our efficiency rate has gone up because sending messages from inside Act! is faster and easier.”

“We also send clients notifications when we have tried to call them, but they don’t answer the phone. We send an SMS to let them know we tried to contact them and they can text us back when it suits them to advise us the best time to call.”

With the financial industry demanding high standards of regulation on customer data, Debt Negotiators are able to easily track all correspondence against the contact’s file along with any replies to meet compliance requirements.

Another benefit is that Debt Negotiators staff are able to access Act! and SMS functionality, whether or not they are physically located in the office. “We have a flexible workforce arrangement with staff, and many work from home during the week. They are able to access Act! wherever they are and even when they are out of the office they can use SMS4Act! to send a text message to set up appointments and contact clients.”

In addition to being able to simply send manual messages, the Debt Negotiators Act! CRM database has custom triggers configured in the database to send SMS messages automatically when information changes in an identified field.

About SMS4Act!

SMS4Act! is a free AddOn for Act! that – all you need is an SMS account with our partner, MessageMedia. MessageMedia are Australia’s largest business mobile messaging service provider and helps businesses of all sizes deliver business efficiencies, improve customer engagement and increase revenue via the power of mobile messaging. See SMS pricing.

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Debt Negotiators

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