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Remote access to your CRM without using the Cloud

Remote access to your CRM without using the Cloud

With a lot of people working outside of their main office these days, the popular CRM choice is a Cloud service such as Salesforce or Insightly. What a lot of people don’t realise at the point of sign up is that in order to access your valuable customer data, you need a really good internet connection. So how do you work productively when you don’t have access to the internet or you just have a slow connection?

Act! is one of the only CRMs on the market today that offers multiple deployment options for users. If you don’t like the idea of paying ongoing cloud fees, your data being ‘in the cloud’, or just want to be able to work locally (and more efficiently), there are some alternative and effective solutions available to Act! users such as Remote Desktop Connection or Remote Offline Access. These terms can appear quite foreign if you are not used to ‘geek speak’ so here are the basics of each model, how they work with Act! and why they might be a better remote CRM solution for your business.

Remote Desktop Connection (RDC)

Remote Desktop Connection IconRemote Desktop technology has been around for a while. However, in recent years, the performance and capabilities of this technology have increased significantly. You might have heard of Terminal Services, Citrix, GoGlobal or thin client technology? These are all terms to describe remote desktop functionality.

Basically, a Remote Desktop Connection enables an end user to remotely login to a main (terminal) server that stores all of the office software/data. This provides the user with access to all of their Act! data and office tools, from any location.

Using a Remote Desktop Connection can also empower a business in a number of other ways:

  • It is just it is like accessing Windows locally so the experience is familiar (less disruption for the business).
  • Allows both Windows and MAC users access to the main server environment where they can share the same valuable information.
  • Easy to deploy for IT as all data/software is in the one environment so they can roll out the database with a simple login.
  • Only one installation of all the software is required on the main server, not on individual computers.
  • Save money through reduced IT costs.

If your business has Remote Services technology configured already, it’s an easy process to install Act! (Pro or Premium) and then supply users with their login details. When updates are required, you only need to install them once on the server. With Act!, every user needs to be on the same version so if you have a lot of PCs, this can be time consuming to roll out.

If you don’t have/or don’t want to manage this server technology, Act Today can provide the server for you from just $120 per month1. We host the Act! software and your Act! data as well as any other software that you need to work in conjunction with Act! such as MYOB, Outlook etc. Additionally, we also perform all your database maintenance including backups.

If you want the features of our Act! Cloud products, we include an RDC connection with the subscription2. Our customers find this very useful as they have anywhere access to Act!, and all of their other tools.

Remote Offline Access

Remote Offline Access is a standard function of Act!3 that allows a business to share Act! data between multiple locations, with each location able to access the data locally. Typically this model is used when people work from home or a remote office and don’t want to rely on an internet connection for day-to-day use.

A ‘remote’ database is created from the master database and stored locally at each location. The remote database is then synchronised with the master database to keep everyone up to date. The remote database can be a clone of the entire database or just a subset. For example, a regional office might only require the contacts located in their region, or a salesperson who works from home only needs access to the contacts they manage.

If you travel a lot, a Remote Offline database set up on your laptop enables you to still work when you are on a plane and don’t have access to Wi-Fi. Then, when you land, you simply synchronise all the changes back to the office.

Additionally, a Remote Access database provides you with:

  • An on-premise backup of your database to offer peace of mind that your data is secure.
  • Access to your data if the Internet goes down for any reason.
  • Higher productivity through using the full Act! for Windows functionality and experience compared to Browser access.

Hybrid Deployment Options

Remote Desktop Connection and Remote Offline Access can provide your team with remote access to your data. Both of these deployment models, along with Act! Cloud can be used independently or in conjunction with each other to create a hybrid model. A hybrid model is perfect when you work from home and like to login to the office via RDC and access all of your tools yet you also like to conduct your day-to-day business from a local copy of Act! on your PC. Combine these with Act! Cloud and you can also use Act! on your tablet/phone when you are out of the office. Act!’s multiple deployment options allow you to create an environment so you can work how and when you need to. View our CRM Deployment options.

Speak to one of our Act! Specialists now about the best deployment model for your business. Call 1800 362 046 or click here to request a call back.


Act! Hybrid Deployment Scenario

Example of a Hybrid Act! Deployment Model (click to enlarge)


  1. Data hosting starts at $120AUD +GST per month. With RDC, you require one Act! Licence for each user.
  2. RDC is available with Act! Cloud Plus and above.
  3. Remote Offline Access is available to both Act! Pro and Premium users. Premium users benefit from more options and an automatic sync scheduler.

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