Use CRM to Build Loyalty and Increase Customer Retention - Act Today Use CRM to Build Loyalty and Increase Customer Retention - Act Today

Use CRM to Build Loyalty and Increase Customer Retention

Use CRM to Build Loyalty and Increase Customer Retention

If you are like most small and midsize businesses, a large percentage of your annual marketing budget is allocated to customer acquisition. You spend a lot of time and money on developing and executing your marketing campaigns and if they work, you have new leads that turn into sales. Well done you! But what happens after that initial transaction is complete and your prospects becomes customers? How do you cultivate customer loyalty to stay with your business?

If your customer service ends at that initial transaction then you will find yourself stuck in a continuous sales cycle that involves acquiring new customers. Many businesses adopt a CRM solution such as Act! to assist with managing customer relationships from prospect to customer and beyond.

So how do you maximise customer retention with Act!?

1. Provide your customers with an omni-channel customer service experience.

All of your customer information is securely stored within Act! and readily available for you to communicate with your customers via phone, email and SMS. All messaging is recorded within the customer file so that every employee who interacts with the customer is up to date.

2. Create and execute customer retention marketing campaigns.

Developing effective email marketing and SMS customer retention marketing campaigns has never been easier. Act! enables you to segment your list based on your targets. Delivery and tracking is all done within Act! so that you can re-calibrate your strategy as needed.

Hint: Before you start developing customer retention marketing campaigns, it’s important to consider why your customers leave you. That way, you can develop campaigns that are proactive to prevent the issues that cause your customers to leave.

Here are a few customer retention marketing campaigns that you can implement:
  • Special offers and incentives
    Special offers and incentives often trigger a sale amongst dormant customers.
  • Referral rewards
    Offer your customers rewards for referring customers to you.
  • Personalised communication and reminders
    Personalisation is key when sending customers reminders, updates and special offers and it humanises your interaction with your customers.
  • Exit survey
    When a customer indicates that they wish to cancel your service, send them a personalised email (perhaps with an exit survey) to determine why they wish to end the relationship. Ask for feedback regarding the service and how it can be improved. Try to determine what, if anything can be done to salvage the relationship.

Ready to take the next step in planning your customer retention marketing campaign?

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