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Get answers to the most commonly asked questions about Act!

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Do you offer a free trial of Act!
Act! offers a 30 day free trial. You can download a full functioning version of the software, install it and create a new database or work with a demo database. You can customise it, add data and even configure it for your team all within the 30 day trial. Simply register the software prior to the end of the trial and you can keep on working. If you would prefer to trial Act! without the need to download and install the software, you can take a test drive. If you don’t have the time to test it for yourself, schedule a free demo with one of our Act! consultants.
How much does Act! cost?
Act! Premium Subscriptions start at just $28 per user per month (billed annually).  Act! Pro is a once off cost of $300 +GST per user for the current version. Discounts apply for volume licencing. Existing v18/19 Act! Pro users receive upgrade pricing to the latest version.

Act! Subscription are billed annually in advance. Perpetual license options are also available.

Our Act! Cloud packages allow you to pay a low monthly fee (billed quarterly) for your Act! licence and data hosting. See Act! Cloud

See all Act! Pricing or to obtain a cost estimate for your specific licencing requirements, request a quote or call us on 1300 362 046. All prices quoted are in Australian dollars and exclude GST.

Can I access Act! in the cloud and locally?
One of the unique benefits of Act! is the multiple deployment options unlike no other CRM on the market today. As an Act! user, you have the choice to access your customer data how you like to work. Whether you are mobile and need Act! in the Cloud or on an App, you work at home or in a office and need local access, or you need a combination of different access methods, Act! has a solution for you. Find out more about hybrid CRM solutions by visiting the Act! Deployment options.
Which Act! product is best for my business?
With multiple Act! products, payment methods and deployment options, it can be time consuming and difficult to determine which product best suits your business. With our CRM Solution Finder, we can point you in the right direction with just a few simple questions.
How much does it cost to upgrade to the latest version of Act!?
Act! Premium Subscription means that you are always on the latest version of Act! so there is no requirement to purchase upgrades. Act! users on Version 17/18 are eligible for exclusive loyalty pricing until 30th September 2017. Pricing starts from $28 per user/per month for Premium and $220 per user (once off) for Pro. Please contact us to obtain an accurate quote on your specific licencing requirements.
What is the return policy for Act!?

There are no refunds for Act! and Act! AddOns –  this includes full products and subscriptions.  Act! along with most AddOns allow a free trial period to test that it meets your needs prior to purchasing. Act! along with most AddOns offer a free trial that will operate as a fully functional program for 30 days before requiring a licence therefore. We strongly suggest that you utilise this period to ensure that the product meets your requirements prior to purchase. If you would some assistance evaluating Act! for your needs, please request a free demo.

How secure is my data?

Data security and protection is our top priority. We have a comprehensive set of practices, technology and policies in place to ensure that your data is secure. See our Data Hosting services.


What are the system requirements for Act!?
For the most up to date system requirements for Act! visit
What are the differences between Act! Pro and Premium?

Act! Pro is designed for individuals, sales professionals and sales teams who share data with 10 or less users. Act! Premium is for sales teams, small businesses, and corporate workgroups who require greater scalability and data sharing, more flexible deployment options, advanced workgroup functionality, and additional administration and security features. Act! Premium solutions are designed for more than 10 users however it can be used with fewer users if your require any of the functionality that Premium offers. Premium can be used offline as well as online (cloud). See Act! Deployment options.

For more information on the differences see Compare Act! or take a read of the Act! Pro versus Premium article.

To help you choose the right product for you, use our CRM Solution Finder. If you are still unsure about which product is right for you, please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

With Act! Pro, can I have more than 10 users who share the same database?
No. If you require more than 10 users sharing data, you must use Act! Premium.
If I am in a workgroup, do all users have to have the same version of Act!?
Yes, all users sharing a database must be using the same version/build.
Does Act! Premium have to be installed on a Server OS to host the master database?
No, you can install Act! Premium on a non-server OS (Operating System). Act! can be networked in a PC Network environment with no server which is common in smaller businesses. However, for larger organisations we recommend that you locate the database on a server machine so you can take advantage of the scalability offered by dedicated server resources.
Can you run both Act! Pro and Act! Premium side by side?
No, you can have only one version of the product line on the same machine.
Can you limit which contacts can be viewed by certain users?
Yes, you can make contacts private so that other users in the database cannot access those contacts. If you are using Act! Premium they can be restricted by user or team.
Where do I host my database when using Act! Premium for Web?

Act Premium Web can be hosted in your own environment or in the “cloud” on a hosted server with Act Today. Please see our Data Hosting services or one of our Act! Cloud options.

What is Act! Connect?
Act! Connect puts integration with hundreds of popular business apps at your fingertips! Quickly and easily set up connections between Act! and Outlook®, Slack, PayPal®, Wufoo™, QuickBooks Online, and more! Enrich your Act! data and trigger actions that save time and accelerate your sales and marketing efforts. For more information see Act! Connect.
What is the Act! Connect Link?
The Act! Connect Link (v18.2+) delivers the power of the Act! Connect integration platform to Act! Premium desktop users with no complicated setup – simply install and go! Now, whether you are using the web, desktop, or Cloud version of Act! Premium, it’s easier than ever to leverage the power of Act! Connect for simple integrations with hundreds of popular business apps that help you save time and accelerate your sales and marketing efforts. Learn more about Act! Connect Link.
How do you add customer details to Act! from Outlook?

With the Act! Premium Contact Link, users can interact with Act! Contact details right inside of Outlook. See Act! Premium Contact Link or the Act! Connect Video Tutorials for more details. Note additional purchase may be required.

Are their any features limitations when using Act! in the cloud
When accessing Act! via Cloud there are some feature limitations due to the nature of the environment. Please see the list of limitations.
How to you trigger a sequence of events in Act!?

Use the Activity Series feature in Act! to create a sequence of related activities or events scheduled at set intervals. You can use an activity series to automatically schedule related activities to help you prepare for, track, or complete key tasks. As an example, you can create an activity series to track activities for closing a sale or managing a new customer. See How to create an use Activity Series.

You can also set up a field trigger to automatically schedule an Activity Series when a field is updated.  See How to manage fields in Act!


Can I install Act! myself?
Installation of Act! requires a basic understanding of computer technology however we would recommend seeking assistance from one of our Act! Certified Consultants (ACC) to ensure a proper set-up and implementation. Find a consultant near you.
What is the support policy for Act!?
Act! Subscriptions include ongoing basic level technical support. Subscribers have access to an exclusive online ticketing system, extensive Knowledge Base, an active Community, and unlimited access to the Act! training library. For additional services outside the subscription technical support scope, our Act! consultants (ACCs) are able to provide expert help, advice and training. To contact your local ACC visit find a consultant. For more information please see our Support services.
How do I get help for Act!?

Our Act! certified consultants work with Act! all day, everyday. They are local and have combined Act! experience of over 150 years. With Act Today, you don’t have to wait in a queue to talk to a technician reading from a script. Our consultants can quickly resolve technical issues related to Act! as well as improve the way you use Act! through the method most convenient (phone, email, remote access or on-site). See our full range of services. To get help now, locate your local Act! Certified Consultants or sign up to one of our Support Plans.

Alternatively, access our Act! Customer Resource Centre for user guides, how-to videos, Act! Knowledgebase and more.

How do I back up my Act! database?
See the Act! Knowledge Base Article: How to back up and restore an Act!


Is Act! supported on Windows 10, Windows 8 and other new platforms such as Windows Server® 2012, Internet Explorer® 11, and Apple® iOS 6?

Act! v19 officially supports these products. For full compatibility please read the System Requirements for Act!.

What version of Microsoft Office does Act! support?
Act! supports Microsoft® Office 2010, 2013, and 2016 (both 32-bit and 64-­bit editions). For full compatibility please read the System Requirements for Act!.
Does Act! have any problems with Windows 10?
Act! versions 18+ are compatible with Windows 10. There are some known issues and fixes that can be found on the Knowledge Base: See Prior to upgrading, we suggest reading our blog 6 Factors to Consider Before Upgrading to Windows 10
How can I sync my Act! data to my handheld device?
Act! is able to sync to most handheld devices via a software AddOn. For details on which AddOn is compatible with your handheld device and will best suit your needs, see Mobile Solutions.
Does Act! work with Apple® Macs®?

Act! is not “officially” supported on a Mac. However, Apple Macintosh computers that feature a dual boot Microsoft® Windows® OS feature can run Act! on the Windows OS and are supported as long as the PC meets listed minimum system requirements. Act! Cloud is also an option available for Mac users.

Many of our clients run Act! from a Mac by using some of the following options:

1. They have Windows installed on their Mac via Parallels, Bootcamp or other VMware
See Parallels pricing

2. Act! Cloud is another option available which can be accessed from Chrome browser from a Mac (not Safari)
See Act! Cloud

What are the system requirements for Act! Connect?
Act! Connect is only available to Act! Premium users using Office 2013, Office 2016 PC, OWA for iPad or iPhone, Outlook Web Access or See the Act! Connect System Requirements for more information.


Does Act! integrate with Office 2016 and Office 365?
Yes, Act! is compatible and supports both Office 2016 and Office 365. Please note that a local copy of Office 365 is required to integrate with Act!.
Does Act! integrate with Accounting programs such as MYOB, Quickbooks and Xero?
Yes, there are AddOn programs that enable seamless integration of Act! with MYOB, Quickbooks and Xero. See Act! Accounting Links
Is there an Act! App for iPhone/iPad?

There are 3 options for mobile Act! users.

  1. Act! Premium Mobile is a free AddOn with the Premium version of Act! that enables users to view and capture important customer details in real-time on an iPhone or iPad.
  2. Handheld Contact is our favourite AddOn for mobile devise as it enables users to wirelessly access and manage their Act! Contacts, Calendar, Activities right on their mobile device – even if they don’t have an Internet connection. Act Today has been using and recommending HHC for 10 years as it is the best and most loved software for handheld devices.
  3. Act! Companion is a new native mobile app that is also included with your Act! Premium Subscription.

For more information see Act! Mobile Solutions

How easy is email marketing with the cloud version of Act!?
The Act! Cloud product provided by Act Today works seamlessly with the in-built Act! emarketing program. Additionally, you get to email the first 200 contacts for free. For more information see Act! Emarketing
Is SMS4Act! compatible with the web version?
Currently this function is not available however we are working on it.
Are all Act! features available under the web interface?
Due to limitations with web compared to a desktop environment, there are some Act! features that are not available when using Act! Premium for Web. See Cloud Limitations


What is a ‘user’?
A user is any person who uses the software. Every user of Act! requires a licence. Act! licence pricing is based on a tiered system so an increase in the number of users also increases the discount on each licence.
Do I have to buy each user a license of Act! even if they are sharing the same machine?
Yes, each ‘named’ user in a database must have a unique Act! license.
Is special pricing on Act! products and services available for government, educational, medical and non-profit organisations?
No, unfortunately there is no standard discount pricing available for these organisations however feel free to contact us for a special quote.

Act! Services & Training

What is an ACC?
ACC stands for Act! Certified Consultant. ACCs can help your business with Act! installation, customisation, advanced reporting and integration Addon solutions, as well as helping your organisation maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of your customer management processes and procedures. Each ACC undergoes recertification by Act! each year. Our ACC’s also attend a 2 day bi-monthly training session in Sydney where they learn about new technology and ideas as well as share new concepts and experiences. When choosing an Act Today ACC, you are not limited to the knowledge and support of just one person as with other ACCs – but an entire team. Find an ACC
Are their Act! training modules on all aspects of Act! that we can use to readily educate staff from the basics up?

We have a list of Act! Video Tutorials that are great for getting new users up to speed, or refreshing the knowledge of current users. See Act! Video Tutorials.

Is there someone who can provide Act! training?

Whether you’re an Act! beginner or are looking to take your existing knowledge and skills to the next level – we can help. Our Act! Trainers provide training in the following areas as well as custom training, both on-site and online:

  • Act! Basic
  • Act! Advanced
  • Act! Administrator
  • Act! Reporting
  • Act! Emarketing
  • CRM Strategy

For more information, see our Act! Training services.

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