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Navigate this library and view the video tutorials to learn all about Act!. For additional training, please see our Training Services.

Feature Tours

These videos take you on a tour of the major features available in Act!.

Activities – (3:46)
Companies – (2:02)
Dashboards – (2:12)
Finding Information – (3:43)
Groups – (2:17)
Importing Contacts – (3:29)
Mail Merge – (4:11)
Opportunities – (3:23)
Printing – (3:13)
Setting Up Email – (3:18)
Setup Assistant – (2:17)
Sharing Databases – (2:23)
Smart Task Basics – (7:24)
Smart Task Advanced Steps – (8:58)
Writing a Letter – (2:33)
Working with Contacts

These videos introduce you to the layout and navigation aspects of Act!, as well as instructions for creating, viewing, and maintaining your Contacts.

Navigating the Workspace – (3:02)
Using the Setup Assistant – (8:28)
Discovering the Basics – (4:14)
Notes, History, Documents & Web Info – (6:32)
Default History Results – (1:35)
Performing Lookups – (5:38)
Creating Lookups from the Universal Search – (1:39)
Importing Data

These videos show the basic import functionality within Act! which allows you to import data from other databases.

Performing a Typical Import (5:11) Importing Contacts – (3:03)
Managing Data

These videos introduce concepts of cleaning your data and performing powerful searches upon that data.

Managing Duplicate Records – (6:42)
Updating Multiple Records – (2:49)
Advanced Queries – (5:54)
Bounced Email Lookups – (1:51)

Scheduling Your Day

These videos demonstrate typical daily activities within Act!, including scheduling activities, managing your calendar, and integrating your activities with Outlook.

Scheduling Activities – (5:46)
Rescheduling Activities – (1:59)
Activities Originally Scheduled Date – (1:45)
Global Scheduling Preferences – (2:42)

Working with Email

These videos demonstrate how to send emails within Act!. Use these videos to learn how to setup, use, and manage your Act! Email as well as your Outlook integration.

Setting Up Email – (3:33)
Configuring Outlook Integration – (3:34)
Using Outlook Integration – (3:42)
Contact Synchronisation – (4:31)
Calendar Synchronisation – (4:28)
Google Integration

These videos demonstrate how to configure Google and Act! integration. Specifically, you will learn how to activate Google integration components in Act!, and then configure your integration of Google Contacts, Calendar, and Gmail history with Act! so you are always viewing relevant information in either application.

Activating Google Integration – (2:22)
Configuring Google Calendar Integration – (4:17)
Configuring Google Contact Integration – (4:04)
Creating Google Contact Sync Sets – (3:51)
Configuring Gmail History Integration – (5:03)
Writing in Act!

These videos demonstrate how to use the Act! or Microsoft Word word processors to create and print letters and envelopes within Act!.

Creating a Letter – (5:17) Performing a Mail Merge – (3:48)
Smart Tasks

These videos introduce you to the concept of Smart Tasks within Act!, as well as instructions for creating templates and steps, running Smart Tasks, and viewing the status.

Understanding Smart Tasks – (4:56)
Smart Task Basics – (7:24)
Creating a Smart Task – (8:58)
Running a Smart Task – (5:13)
Smart Task Advanced Steps – (8:58)
Act! Reports

These videos teach you how to use the Act! reporting features and functionality, including how to view and create your own reports. You’ll also learn how to create report templates and edit any existing reports to satisfy your business requirements.

Running Reports – (4:22)
Modify Existing Reports – (4:06)
Creating Report Templates – (5:48)

These videos explain the purpose of a dashboard within Act!, how to easily view and filter your dashboard content, and how to customize your dashboard with the Dashboard Designer. You can even create custom dashboards for viewing data.

Exploring the Dashboard – (3:58)
Filtering the Dashboard – (3:11)
Editing Existing Dashboards – (3:25)
Creating New Dashboards – (7:08)
Groups and Companies

These videos explain the groups view as well as the companies view within Act!.

About Groups – (2:59)
About Companies – (2:58)
Creating Companies – (2:36)
Creating Groups and Companies – (5:31)
Linking Contacts and Companies – (4:04)
Act! Connect

These videos show you how your can quickly and easily set up connections between Act! popular business apps. These are just an example of the most popular apps – there are hundres to choose from.

Getting Started with Act! Connect
Connecting to Eventbrite
Getting Started with Act! Premium Contact Link
Connecting to PayPal and QuickBooks Online
Connecting to Google Contacts
Connecting to Wufoo
Connecting to Slack
Connecting to SurveyMonkey
Database Maintenance

These videos show you the basics of maintaining your database, including how to back up and check your database.

Backing Up the Database – (4:18) The Act! Diagnostic Tool* – (5:21)
Fields and Layouts

These videos show you how to customize existing fields and create new fields that suit your business requirements. We strongly suggest backing up your database prior to any database modifications.

Modifying Existing Fields* – (6:49)
Renaming Tabs and Fields* – (3:11)
Creating Database Fields* – (3:12)
Adding Fields to the Layout* – (3:05)
Database and Users

These videos take you through different aspects of preparing databases and users during or after an upgrade. We strongly suggest backing up your database prior to any database modifications.

Creating a Database* – (3:44)
Modifying Preferences* – (3:45)
Creating a New User* – (4:37)
Sharing a Database* – (5:03)
Synchronising Data

These videos explain the the data synchronisation features within Act!. First, learn how to turn on the synchronisation feature. Then use it to create and maintain databases when you’re on the go. We strongly suggest backing up your database prior to any database modifications.

Installing and Configuring Sync* – (5:45)
Creating a Remote Database* – (3:55)
Restoring and Syncing Data* – (4:00)
Web Topics

These videos explain some of the various features of Act! Web.

Navigating the Workspace – (3:20)
Finding Information – (2:12)
Activities – (3:02)
Groups – (2:48)
Companies – (2:51)
Opportunities – (2:46)
Outlook Integration – (3:36)
Replace, Swap, and Copy Field Data – (4:13)
Web Access

These videos include important steps for preparing your Act! Premium web solution to enable connection for remote web users.

Configuring Clients for Access* – (4:24)
Configuring Outlook Integration* – (5:51)
Using the Mobile Client – (3:15)

Act! Emarketing

Act! emarketing is a prominent feature in Act!. These videos explore the basics of Act! emarketing.

How to Activate Act! emarketing – (2:03)
Modifying My Account – (2:52)
Getting Leads Using Lead Capture – (4:01)
Create an Email Template – (4:57)
Importing HTML Templates – (3:12)
Send a Campaign – (2:43)
Viewing Reports – (2:19)
Using the Call List – (2:43)
Working With Teams – (4:45)

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*Please note: The video content on this page is provided as information for Act! users. Any updates/modifications to your Act! database/setup are done at your own discretion and risk. Act Today does not accept responsibility for any damage to your system or loss of data that results from such activities. Considering this, we strongly advise that consult with one of our Act! specialists prior to any configuration changes or database modifications.

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