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System Implementation

An effective implementation is an
essential component of any successful
Customer Relationship Management solution.

Regardless of the software or how large/small your business – to achieve results, it is vital that the system is implemented correctly and customised to suit your specific business requirements.

Many Customer Relationship (CRM) initiatives fail because the implementation was limited to the software installation. A successful CRM implementation requires careful planning, support and training. This will ensure fast adoption by the staff, increased productivity and a prompt return on your investment.

Our expert accredited team can assist in all areas of your implementation to ensure the rapid deployment of a superior and effective CRM solution.


Needs Analysis

The first stage is a needs analysis. We work with you to identify and understand the business/end user goals and objectives as well as any challenges your business is facing in relation to client relationship management. This stage provides a clear vision of what you can expect from the system and what needs to be done from a CRM strategy perspective in order to provide you with a return on your investment. Getting this step right is crucial to enable you to hit the ground running, avoid time delays and additional expenses.


Installation & Configuration

After implementing Act! Solutions for over 6000 businesses, we have the experience and expertise in a vast array of business environments. We have tried and tested methods that are continually reviewed to ensure that our services are of the highest standard. Whether you just need a simple set up for home or want to roll out across the nation with mobile access and multiple addons, we can work with you or your IT personnel to ensure a fast and smooth installation.


Data Import/Conversion

When importing data into your Act! database, it is vital that its accurate and imported into the relevant area. Before importing, we ensure that the data is clean and properly formatted. This will eliminate redundant or obsolete information and improve the quality and value of your data. Your marketing campaigns can only be tailored if the data is correct!

If you have data in another system, it may be organised differently requiring some effort to relocate. We have years of experience converting data from a variety of different systems such as Access, Goldmine, Maximiser, Tracker, Mail Lists, Excel, Word plus many other formats. We have learned how to avoid the traps and issues that may arise which will save you time and any frustrations.


Training & Support

Training is essential to the success of any CRM implementation. It empowers your staff and promotes confidence in the system which results in the form of higher productivity. We have a range of options for training including courses, online and onsite training. For more details see our Training & Courses page.

As all businesses are unique, we offer an array of going support options. Our expert team will play a critical role in ensuring user productivity and maximising the CRM benefits to help you succeed with your CRM solution. For more details see our support services page.

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