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Import, Export, or Update Data in Act!

OAK!Merge is a powerful utility that enables you to import or update data into Act!. Using OAK!Merge you can add, update, skip or delete records from any of Act!’s “up-dateable” tables: Contact, Group, Company, Product, Custom Tables, Users, or Opportunity.

  • Match on one or more fields, if updating is desired with Field by Field control.
  • Updates ONLY the Act! fields you specify…all other Act! data remains unchanged.
  • Allows constants or transformations (Trim, Case, or Blank) to be done as part of mapping the data.
  • Provides “mapping” to define which field(s) to update and which field to match on; maps can be saved & reused later.
  • Use with unlimited number of Act! databases.
Examples of Use
  • Append data to Notes, History or Activities and link them to Contacts, Companies, Opportunities, or GroupsExport all the records with linking names and GUIDs for Contacts, Companies, Import sales data into Act! from other applications.
  • Groups, Opportunities, History, Notes, Activities, Products, Users and Custom Tables.
  • Add Secondary Contacts and link to the primary contact.
  • Help repair damaged Act! databases by copying good data from one Act! database to another.

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