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How does a Small Business Contact Management Solution help me?

Do you always have too much to do?

How would it help you and your business if you could easily find any information that you need about a customer at the click of a button?

Meet Vanessa. We follow her through her busy day and see how she uses Act! to give her more control and time. As part of her day-to-day tasks, Vanessa has to manage sales, meet with prospective customers at their offices in order to grow the business, organise meetings and monitor performance. With so much to do Vanessa struggles to reach her targets. What she really needs is an effective way to build and manage her business relationships in order to increase sales.

Welcome to Act!, a contact customer management solution designed to give you a 360 degree view of all your customers. With the click of a button, Vanessa can access her customer group or company records and discover useful information including contact details and social updates. Using the calendar she can plan for upcoming meetings or presentations and when activities are complete she’ll be able to view it all in the history. If she’s out in the field then she can use her mobile or tablet to get direct access to the platform. And when she meets with the customer, she can create notes so that her team can keep track of all conversations in real time to deliver actionable results.

Potential opportunities are easily recorded and tracked so the team can work together to grow the business. Vanessa can even create marketing campaigns to send out to potential leads or nurture her existing customers and all of that directly in Act!. She can also track the success of campaigns by seeing who has opened and click her emails in a prioritised list. Vanessa can even use Act! to pull up reports and see where she needs to improve in order to meet her future target.

Keep your busy life simple with Act!.

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