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Clever ways to use the Act! Web Info Tab

Create dynamic web searches from Act!

Throughout the years, Act! have introduced some fabulous tools that enable users to work smarter and save time. If you haven’t used the Web Info tab, its a great feature that delivers the power of the Internet, right within Act!.

Along with performing like an internal browser, the Web Info tab provides the added benefit of displaying web information based on data in certain fields on a contact or company record. For example, by selecting the ‘Contact’s website’ link from the Web Info tab, Act! automatically displays the company’s website listed in the record. This is a great way to gain more information such as their office address and other contact numbers or simply update information to keep your data accurate. Additionally, it saves time by not having to flick backward and forwards between 2 applications.

Along with the contact’s website, Act! provides you with links to Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Facebook and more. Users can also create their own custom links (or your Act! Administrator can create links and share them with your team). With all links, you can add dynamic search parameters to create results specific to your needs.

Here are some examples of how you can create really great resources within the Web Info tab:

Standard Act! Web Info links:

  • Google Maps: When you select Google Maps™ from a contact’s Web Info tab, the browser opens and displays a map of the contact’s address.
  • Google News Search: Before contacting a customer, do a quick check on Google News Search for any Company news articles or Google Search for any contact related information.
  • Weather: Before calling, check the weather in the contact’s location for some easy small talk to help build a friendly rapport.
  • Driving Directions: Using the Google Driving directions, Act! displays the instructions to get to your client using the address in your My Record as the ‘from’ address and the contact’s address as the destination location. Use Google Maps’ features to change from driving directions to public transport, then send them to your mobile.

Act! CRM Web Info Tab

Create your own custom links:

  • Social Links: The Social Update tab links to LinkedIn and Facebook but what about Twitter? With the Web Info tab, you can create a Twitter link to show a list of your contacts’ latest tweets.
How to create a Twitter link:

  1. Create a new field called ‘Twitter’ and add it to your Act! layout. Note: To create fields, you need to be logged into Act! as a Manager or an Administrator (and always back up first).
  2. On a contact record, enter the contact’s Twitter username into the Twitter field. E.g @actodayOZ
  3. From the Web Info tab, select ‘Edit Links’.
  4. Select ‘Add’ to create a new link and enter the site name ‘Twitter’ and URL: 
  5. Select ‘Advanced Edit’ and add the ‘Twitter’ field (created in step 1) so your URL looks like this:{Twitter}
  6. Click ‘OK’
  7. View this link on the Web info tab and your contact’s Twitter page will be displayed in Act!.

  • Time in the City: If you frequently call customers in other states/countries, create a link to check the current time in their location using the Yahoo search with City and Country as you dynamic search parameters:{City},{Country}+Time
  • Whitepages: Use information found on Whitepages to keep your contact information up to date. Add Company and City as your dynamic search parameters to create this link:{Company}&location={City}
  • Find Parking: If you drive to visit your customers, you need somewhere to park your car. Create a link to Parkopedia and include the contact’s city and state as parameters to show you the closest and cheapest car parks to your client.
  • ABN: Need to record the ABN for customers? Create a link to the ABN Register website so their registered information is displayed with just a click.
  • Share Price: If you want to track the Share price for companies in Act!, you can add a Share Code field in your Act! Database and populate it with the company’s ASX code. Create a link to the ASX website to display the share price for that company.
  • Real Estate: By creating a link to, you can add in address fields to view properties for sale/rent in a certain area. In a browser, visit and do a search with your requirements. Then use the data in the URL to create your link. For example, if you want to see all properties for sale in your suburb, use{city}%2c+{state}+{postcode}%3b+/list-1. However if you want to only see 2 bedroom apartments, narrow your search in your browser and then replicate that URL in your Web Info link –{city}%2c+{state}+{postcode}%3b+/list-1.


When using the Web Info tab, use the ‘Increase tab size’ button to enlarge your viewing area and then ‘Decrease tab size’ when you are finished.

Act! CRM Web Info Tab

If you need help with creating these links or any of your own ideas, give us a call on 1300 362 046 or contact your local Act! expert. The possibilities are endless!

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