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4 Brilliant Ways to Drive Revenue for your Business

Meeting ever-increasing sales quotas while selling against competitors is a key challenge for many sales reps. With each day filled with managing sales, meetings with prospective customers and monitoring performance it’s easy to fall behind and lose track of the important tasks that you should be doing to grow the business.

With Act! CRM Solutions, you and your team will be able to meet your sales quotas and drive revenue by guiding your deals through to close using a sales process customised to fit your selling philosophy.
Drive Revenue for your Business

1. Meet your Sales Quotas

Do you need help hitting your ever increasing sales quotes? Do you need a way to ensure your leads are not dropped?

Manage enquiries from your first interaction through close—ensuring no lead is dropped and driving revenue for your business. Utilise the Act! sales process or a process you customise to suit your business and selling style for managing leads each step of the way. When working a sales opportunity,  schedule a follow-up activity which is populated automatically with the opportunity details— ensuring all tasks are covered as a lead moves through the sales process. And, track products on each sales opportunity, specifying product discounts and costs for each item. Even generate Instant Quotes without having to enter additional information. You get a complete view of your sales pipelines with the dashboard for a better understanding of which sales are tracking to close this month, quarter, or year and where to focus your attention in the coming days or weeks. See video tutorial on Sales Opportunities.

2. Provide Superior Customer Service

Do you often forget the details of your previous conversations? Do you need this information at a moment’s notice so you appear prepared when you receive a call from your prospects and customers?

Get a complete view of your relationships and keep your current customers happy while also expanding current accounts, with easy access to all the details about their unique circumstances. With Act! Premium Solutions, track detailed contact information, including notes, history, activities, sales opportunities, and documents—all tied to the associated Contact Record for a complete, integrated view.

Even track Companies with multiple contacts associated or groups of related contacts for easier communicating. If this data currently exists in another system, simply import it as either .txt or .csv and keep everything in Act! going forward. Because all the details are in Act!, you impress your contacts with your knowledge about their unique circumstances to build stronger relationships.

3. Focus Your Attention Where it Counts

Are you so busy that you do not have time to analyse how you are spending your time to determine where you should focus your attention? Do you want to assess your sales pipeline each week, but need a quick way to do so?

Assess your sales pipeline, including your top sales opportunities and total sales for the month, all in one view using interactive dashboards and eliminate the need to run and analyze reports.

Gauge the performance of your business using dashboards and reports so you know where your time is best spent and which marketing communications are most successful. Interactive dashboards provide a comprehensive summary view of your top priorities and sales opportunities, enabling you to monitor how you are tracking to your goals. Set the dashboard as your default startup view and begin your work day with a snapshot of this information so you understand your priorities for the day. For more detail on your business’ performance, run one of 40 pre-formatted reports, including Activity Reports, Relationship History, Sales Summaries, and more. Or, send most reports to Excel®, HTML, PDF, or e-mail for further analysis. Having a roll-up of this information allows you to understand all aspects of your business’ performance and enables you to make decisions with confidence.

4. Get Real-time Access from Anywhere

Are you frequently on the road and without the detailed prospect and customer data you need?

Get the information you need, exactly when and how you need it, using Windows- and Web-based options with seamless interfaces, plus mobile access options. Because the Windows® and Web products are full-featured applications, unlike many other CRM online/offline solutions in-market, you truly receive seamless access options with Act! Premium Solutions. Additionally, sync Act! to favourite handheld device for all the power and convenience of Act! on-the-go. Or, you can access via Citrix or Terminal Services. With so many options available, you are never without the information you need, no matter where you are. See Act! Mobile Solutions


Using a CRM from the Act! Premium Solutions range, you will feel confident no task is forgotten by managing responsibilities and automating redundant tasks, provide superior service to your contacts because you have a complete view of your relationships, and impress prospects with your follow-up. Assess your sales pipeline using dashboards, eliminating the need for you to run and analyze reports, and enabling you to focus your attention where it counts. And, because Act! Premium Solutions offer Windows®  and Web-based options with seamless interfaces, plus mobile access, you have real-time access from anywhere. Start using Act! today and accomplish tasks crucial to your sales success.

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