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Cloud CRM: Local vs Offshore Hosting

Hosting refers to where your data and software is stored and accessed from, whether that is within Australia or overseas. If you choose to outsource the storage of your cloud CRM system, one key consideration should be where your data is located. On one hand, international hosting is typically much lower in cost, while local Australian options usually offer superior security, speed and support. You will want to consider how these factors could impact on your everyday operations before making a final choice.
Local vs Offshore Hosting

Security & Risks

Hosting is subject to the laws of the country in which the data centre is located, so different privacy regulations will apply depending on your choice of hosting. By choosing to keep your data hosted within Australia, it will be required to comply with Australian legislation. These regulations provide protection against the disclosure or movement of personal data across borders. This is an important consideration when dealing with sensitive information such as contact details and financial data.

Backups and Support

The quality and availability of support is a vital factor when handling crucial business information. Quality providers will perform regular backups of your information to protect against data loss. Should you ever need support, it is beneficial to be able to talk to a team in the same time zone and country as you.

Finding a local hosting provider

If you have weighed up the options and decided that local hosting is for you, you will then need to choose a local hosting provider. Some CRM providers, including Act!, provide hosting options which can make implementation even simpler. Researching and asking about speed, downtime, support and security will help you to deploy a powerful CRM solution that keeps your team connected and responsive.

Local Act! Cloud Options

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