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The Key to Boosting Your Team’s Productivity

Increase Productivity Through Training

Many companies choose to implement a CRM in order to improve staff productivity. The productivity benefits that a CRM solution offers include the ability to organise workflow tasks, maintain customer relationships and execute a variety of marketing activities that are aligned with sales goals. Despite these obvious benefits, many managers struggle with the implementation and adoption of CRM by their staff. A CRM system is not an overnight fix when it comes to solving efficiency and productivity issues in your workplace. Training your team is a critical component when it comes to adopting the new system and preventing its failure.

Selecting a CRM provider that offers a comprehensive training program is just as important as the features and functionality the CRM itself. Poor quality of training and resource materials will cause your productivity to suffer because employees do not understand how to use the system properly and may avoid using it altogether.

At Act Today, we recognise that every organisation has unique training needs therefore we offer the following training options to further your team’s development:

  • Act! Basic
  • Act! Advanced
  • Act! Administrator
  • Act! Reporting
  • Act! Emarketing
  • CRM Strategy

Act Today offers extensive training materials, with all onsite and
remote training conducted by an Act! Certified Consultant (ACC).

Day Courses

The Act! Everyday Course is a full day course using the latest version of Act! that covers all the basic functions of as well as demonstrates the concepts of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and how you can achieve these using Act!. The course is ideal for anyone who would like to get more out of Act! and improve their day to day productivity or want to learn the tips and tricks from the experts. Our next Act! Courses are in Sydney (Wednesday 10th May) and Adelaide (Thursday 25th May). Book your seat.

Live Online

We provide remote training so that you can learn from the comfort of your own office. There is no minimum time for a training session. You can request training on any topic. You can cover just one topic or specify a range of topics to cover. If you are unsure of what areas you need, talk to one of our trainers and they can advise you on the best areas to cover.  Read more.

In Person

Our Act! Certified Consultants are available to come to your workplace for in-person training. Like our online training, sessions can be customised to any areas that you need to become more skilled in. Having a trainer come to your workplace is perfect when you have a group and don’t want to waste your staff’s time with travelling.  Read more.


Act! users have access to Act! User Guides, Data sheets, Whitepapers and e-books from on our website. Read more.

Video Tutorials

Our video tutorials are an excellent tool to refresh or upgrade your skills when it comes to using Act!. These short pre-recorded sessions take you through each task step by step and allow you to revisit the topic when required. Read more.

Training steps

Within your business, you can successfully overcome the resistance to employee adoption of your CRM solution and increase staff productivity by providing your team with the training resources they need. Employees should have the opportunity to direct their ongoing professional development and be able to revisit the training documents on an as needed basis in order to refresh their skills.

Allow your staff the opportunity to provide you with input after the initial training has taken place to identify areas for improvement and match future training sessions to those areas of need. Give them time to learn the system so that it becomes a seamless part of their daily routine.

Call 1300 362 046 today to book your staff training with one of our Act! Certified Consultants and boost your team’s productivity.

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