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Improve Customer Retention with SMS

Effective customer relationship management is a critical component to successfully growing your business. Like any relationship, communication is key. As daily demands mount it can be challenging to stay on top . Without a system in place, communication often falls to the wayside.  As communication breaks down, trust can be lost.  A loyal customer who once valued your products and services may look elsewhere for a more responsive provider.

When assessing how you can enhance your customer communication it’s important to consider the following 3 questions:

1. Does your communication method match your customer’s preferred method?

Often we stick to the tried and true communication methods that we prefer, but if we are overlooking the preferences of our customers then we miss the opportunity to connect with them in a meaningful way.

The Youth Opportunities Association (Y.O.A.) – a not for profit organisation that provides Personal Leadership Training for Youth, quickly identified that the preferred communication of their customer demographic was SMS. Instead of forcing an alternate form of communication on the students, they embraced it and implemented SMS4Act! in order to better facilitate communication between students and instructors.  SMS4Act! allowed them to create and send messages to both groups of students and individuals, across programs.  Not only did this allow them to communicate in the preferred method of their customers, it also saved them time. Read more.

2. Are you communicating at a frequency appropriate to their needs and situation?

It’s important that you consider the industry that you’re in and the needs of your customers when determining the frequency of your communication.  In the fast paced world of Real Estate, agents need to be in constant communication with their clients, brokerages, and other agents.  Setting up appointments for inspections, new listings, staging, viewings, the list goes on.

Peter Williamson, a Professional Structural Engineer with PC & JF Williamson Pty Ltd credits SMS4Act! with helping him to provide his clients with “quickly transmitted, timely, detailed and accurate information.”

Unlike emails that can be read at any time, an SMS receives almost immediate attention. Therefore take advantage of this and time the message when they are best in a position to action it. See our 8 Tips to Successful SMS Marketing

3. Are you sending content relevant to the customer?

Delivering relevant content can increase opens, improve click-through rates, and ultimately drive conversions. With limited content, it can be difficult to create a message engaging enough for them to take action. By personalising the message, you can make your contacts feel as though you know them, or are at least interested in them, and your marketing will be much more successful.

By creating custom templates in SMS4Act!,  you can easily pull relevant contact details from Act! to create personalised SMS messages for your customers. Peter further explains that “as there are numerous intricately varying circumstances regarding the organisation of each inspection, we have many templates to cater for each of these situations, making it very quick to fully communicate accurate and detailed information.”

How to send SMS from Act! CRM

Personalised SMS communication has never been easier and it is a highly effective tool when used appropriately.

Here are a few other examples of how to incorporate personalised SMS into your business:

  • Order form has been successfully received
  • Appointment request date and time
  • Confirmation of appointment
  • Notification that report has been emailed
  • Payment reminders

Taking the time to evaluate your existing customer relationship methods allows you to ensure that you are communicating with your customers using their preferred method of communication.  For those customers that prefer mobile communication, SMS allows you to deliver fast, and effective communication your customers can count on.

If you’re not already incorporating SMS marketing into your strategy, then it’s time to see how it can help you engage with your customers more effectively. Talk to an Act! expert today to learn how SMS4Act! can help you to build a rapport with your customers.

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