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What’s New in SMS4Act!

The latest release of SMS4Act! is now available to download.

We are continually working on improving the features in SMS4Act!. This version offers bug fixes and all of the features listed below. We recommend updating to this latest version so you can take advantage of the latest features and security improvements.

Download SMS4Act!(for Act! v18)

Download SMS4Act!(for Act! v9-17)

*For instructions on how to update your version of SMS4Act!, please follow the steps on page 25 of the SMS4Act! User Guide. The latest build of SMS4Act! is v7.18.0.30.
 SMS4Act! Send

Send an SMS to one or more contacts

Easily send text messages to individuals, lookups or groups directly from Act!. The message is recorded against the contact’s record along with any replies. A great time saving tool to help you build relationships with your contacts.

 SMS4Act! Mail Merge

Mail Merge Act! fields to multiple contacts using templates

Create templates for common text messages and merge information from the contact record or a scheduled activity to send a personalised message.

 SMS4Act! Custom Templates

Create custom templates for different activity types

SMS4Act! includes default messages for Call, Meeting, To-Do and Appointment type activities. If you have custom Activity Types in your database, you can create a new SMS template using the exact name as the Custom Activity and it will auto select this message template when sending an SMS from an activity of that name. E.g. Custom Activity Name: Support and SMS Template: Support.sms

SMS4Act! Reminders

Send activity reminder from activity via SMS

SMS activity confirmations can be sent when you create an activity or manually at any other time.

  SMS4Act! Auto Reminders

Schedule automatic SMS reminders

Using SMS Alerts, you can send SMS activity confirmations at predefined time intervals from your activities automatically. For example, send an SMS reminder to a customer about a meeting 1 hour ahead of time.

 SMS4Act! Workflow

SMS option available in Act! Smart Tasks

Smart Tasks are a series of common and connected steps that automatically perform key tasks or actions for contacts or opportunities. Add SMS reminders to your Smart Tasks workflow to automate the sending of messages to reduce the time spent on managing this task manually.

 SMS4Act! Fields

Add Fields to Act! for Last Sent SMS and Last Received Date

SMS4Act! enables you to easily create fields in your Act! database to automatically track the Last SMS Sent Date, Last SMS Received Date and Opt Out options. When a text message is sent to a contact, the Last SMS Sent field is automatically updated with the date and time. If the recipient responds to the message, the date and time is recorded in the Last SMS Received field (as well as recording the text in the History tab). You can use these fields to search for contacts that have/have not received/responded to an SMS.

 SMS4Act! Opt Out

Automatic Opt Out Management

There is also an Opt Out option to comply with Spam laws. By including “Reply with STOP to opt out” at the end of your messages, the contact is able to easily request to be removed from the SMS list. SMS4Act! will automatically update the SMS Opt Out field every 24 hours with a “tick” to indicate that the contact is to be excluded from future messages. When the SMS Opt Out field is selected, you will no longer be able to send messages to that contact, even if they are accidentally caught up in a group text.

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