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Is It Worth Upgrading to Act! Premium?

Upgrade from Act! Pro to Act! Premium

Act! have made some big changes in recent years including cloud and mobile apps, integrated connections to other business software, improvements in emarketing as well as moving to a Subscription based model. The majority of these new features are only available in the Premium version.

Whilst Act! Pro contains most of the CRM functions that a small business would need, it is designed more for single users as ‘point in time’ purchase. Its great for individuals and small businesses who want the benefits of Customer Relationship Management but don’t need cloud/remote access and/or don’t want an ongoing annual subscription like most other CRMs.

If you are an existing Act! Pro user and are considering upgrading to Act! Premium, here are some questions that you may be asking:

Will my Act! Pro database upgrade to Act! Premium? YES
Will upgrading to Act! Premium retain all of my data, screen layouts, templates and reports? YES
If I decide later to downgrade to Pro can I do this?1 YES

So what exactly does an Act! Premium Subscription offer your business?

  1. You are always entitled to the latest version of Act!.
  2. You can have as many users as you like – Pro is limited to 10 (but you do require 1 licence per user).
  3. It’s cloud enabled so you can access your database via iPad, iPhone and Android devices as well as Browsers like internet explorer or Google Chrome from a MAC.
  4. You get API integration which allows you to connect Act! with other software that you use in your business to streamline your processes. eg. Link Act! to your web forms so new leads are entered into Act! automatically along with scheduling a follow up call.
  5. Advanced Administration options so you can:
    • Limit the ability of specific users to delete records and/or export data to Microsoft Excel.
    • Set contact record level security for users and/or teams so that they can only see the contacts that they need to deal with, and not all records.
    • Set field level security for users and/or teams to restrict visibility or edits to certain fields.
  6. Teams gain access to group scheduling/dashboards/reports for better sharing of information.
  7. Synchronisation services that allow you to share your Act! data between locations without having to use the cloud. Great for users with laptops or offices in multiple locations or those who need compliancy not provided in cloud environments.


From as little as $122 per user per month, you can have all the benefits of Act! Premium. If you would like to talk to an Act! specialist today about the process and costs of upgrading, please call 1300 362 046, fill in the ‘Get in touch’ form on the right or contact your local Act! Consultant.

For more information on the feature differences see Act! Pro vs Act! Premium

Important notes before upgrading

Prior to upgrading, we STRONGLY recommended that you read Factors to Consider When Upgrading Act! to avoid any possible disruptions to your business.

Local Act! Downloads

Download Act! from one of our local sites. Please ensure you download the correct version (Pro or Premium/Premium Web) for your location.

Australia New Zealand

[1] In order to downgrade from Premium to Pro, you must be on the same version release. For example, if you are using Premium v19, you can downgrade to Pro v19. if you are on a very old version of Act! (V6 or below) you may need assistance with the upgrade as later Act! versions use Microsoft SQL. Upgrades from V6 or previous versions may require additional ‘tweaking’ to reports/templates.

[2] Act! Subscription RRP is $33.60 per user/per month. Subscription price for Act! Business Care customers is from $12 per user per month. Customers upgrading from v17/18 receive a loyalty discount on their subscription price.  Price quoted are excluding GST.

SPEAK TO AN ACT! SPECIALIST in Australia 1300 362 046

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