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The Best Mobile Solution for Act! CRM Just Got Better

Handheld Contact
Handheld Contact has been the leading mobile choice for Act! users since 2002 by focusing on quality and data integrity.

With new found energy and resources, Handheld Contact are taking a new approach to product development that will make Handheld Contact the mobile benchmark for Act!.

Handheld Contact have an array of new features set for release by the end of 2016 and plan to continue the momentum in 2017 and on with a new, powerful vision of Handheld Contact

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Here are the new features available in Handheld Contact:

User Interface

Details matter on a small mobile device screen. Improvements have been made throughout the Handheld Contact mobile apps to bring a more familiar Act! feel to the user interface.

Home Screen

Open the Handheld Contact mobile app and you are greeted with a home screen that gives you immediate access to popular features.

Searches feature

A new feature unique to Handheld Contact that allows you to create dynamic contact searches with up to 10 fields. And, you can save your Searches for later use.

One-press E-mail Blasts

Need to send an e-mail to a small group of contacts? Open a saved Searches list and press “E-mail”. Your message is conveniently sent out to everyone at once.


For important contacts you frequently interact with, go to their contact record and mark them as a Favourite! These contacts are all conveniently listed on the Favourites screen. Quickly access important contacts to call, e-mail, or text message while taking advantage of Act! History tracking. Any contacts you mark as a Favourite are listed in Favourites, so you spend less time searching.

Add contacts from business cards faster

Use a card scanning app (like CamCard) in combination with Handheld Contact’s new Import Contacts feature allows you to scan a card into the mobile device’s built-in contacts app and bring it into Act! with a few presses.

See the features first!

We’re really excited about what’s coming to Handheld Contact! Check out our preview for the new Handheld Contact Android app on YouTube.

Download the latest Handheld Contact update

Using the latest version of any Handheld Contact app is important so you can take advantage of the latest features and security improvements. Your mobile device should automatically alert you when Handheld Contact has an update to install. You can also always manually check anytime by visiting Apple App Store, Google Play, or BlackBerry World from your mobile device.


Support Documentation

How do I upgrade Handheld Contact on my mobile device?
Latest Handheld Contact releases

Give Handheld Contact a try – it’s free for 14 days Get a HHC licence

Mobile app release schedule
  • Handheld Contact for Android: Will be submitted to Google Play on Monday, November 14.
  • Handheld Contact for iOS (iPhone and iPad): Will be submitted to Apple App Store on Monday, November 21.
  • Please note that the date we submit the app to Google Play or Apple App Store is not the official release date. The submission processes may take up to a week which can delay the public release date.
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