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5 Ways CRM Will Help You To Provide Superior Customer Service

November 1, 2016

Are you currently using paper-based systems, spreadsheets, Microsoft® Outlook® or an unwieldly CRM other than Act! to manage your business relationships? If this is your situation then you are probably spending too much time searching for information. Often, you need this information at a moment’s notice and just cannot find it. Or, once you find it, you only get […]

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5 Ways CRM will help you provide superior customer service

CRM Implementation is Just Like Choosing a Sports Coach

May 7, 2015

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs and great sports coaches have a lot in common. They are many and they are diverse. They need to provide you with intelligence, motivate your team, produce results and help you to achieve your goals. Choosing the best CRM solution for your business can be the difference between winning and […]

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CRM Implementation
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