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How to ensure your emails don’t end up as SPAM

November 30, 2015

Email marketing can be a very effective way to stay ‘front of mind’ with your customers but before investing time and resources into creating an email campaign there are several elements to consider. You need to design and create effective content, calls to action and landing pages and make sure that it looks good in […]

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How to avoid the spam folder

How to Get Started with Emarketing

November 27, 2015

Even in this world of social media, email marketing is still an essential tool for business with 59% of B2B marketers believing that it is the most effective channel for generating revenue[1]. The process of implementing an email marketing campaign may seem a little daunting however once you get your strategy and process right, email marketing […]

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Get started with Act! emarketing

Let your Corporate Email Signature do the talking

February 5, 2015

The main purpose of a corporate email signature is to provide your email recipients with your personal and associated company’s identity. This includes but is definitely not limited to your name, position, contact details, company website and social media links. This is all well and good but could your signature be a key part of […]

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