James Eldridge - Act Today CRM Consultant and Trainer James Eldridge - Act Today CRM Consultant and Trainer

James Eldridge

James Eldridge


Ph: 08 9221 7100

James’ first exposure with Act! began in 2007, whilst working for a small communications company in the United Kingdom. James and his team spent a lot of hours researching and trialing varying Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, concluding with Act! being the chosen one. After Act!’s inception, the humble sized company grew from six to thirty users over a three-year period.

Not only did the company reap great success with the help of Act!, James was offered an opportunity that was hard to refuse. The company’s Act! Consultancy firm invited James to work for them and he become a Certified Act! Consultant. James became Certified in 2009 and a year later he made the move down-under to Perth, Australia, where he became a valued member of Act Today.

James’ journey from customer to consultant has helped him understand customer’s needs when implementing, training and designing databases. He has an empathy for clients new to Act! and CRM, which can only be achieved by experiencing what it is like to be on the other side of the fence.

James has transitioned from client to consultant seamlessly is now focusing on supporting his Brisbane team ensuring all of his customers are 100% satisfied.

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