Michael Bryant, Founder/CEO - Act Today Michael Bryant, Founder/CEO - Act Today

Michael Bryant

Michael Bryant

Founder and CEO

With over 25 years’ experience with Act!, Michael is an internationally recognised industry expert. He provides ongoing consulting services to our clients and has built best Act! consultancy team in Australasia.

How it all began

Michael started his career in the building industry as a project manager and then moved into business management.

During this time, Michael recognised that many businesses fail to see the importance of managing customer relationships and workflow processes.

When Michael was introduced to Act!, he immediately appreciated its value and saw the opportunity it offered businesses to revolutionise their customer relationship management.

The Act Today story

Michael founded Act Today in 1992 and quickly built a reputation for providing specialised Act! solutions through his extensive knowledge and excellent service.

Michael’s background in business management enabled him to help businesses improve their workflow processes, increase productivity and look after their customers.

Michael has independently implemented over 1,000 Act! solutions for both small and large businesses from a diverse range of industries.

He was personally responsible for both a 1,200 and 550 Act! user roll-out for AMP and Mortgage Choice respectively.

Training the next generation of Act! Consultants

As demand for Michael’s services grew, so did the business, and he needed more consultants.

Using a comprehensive selection and training process, Michael developed a professional and expert team to service the growing Act! community.

Act Today now has 16 Act! Certified Consultants nationwide, as well as a team of programming and support staff.

Michael remains heavily involved with the consulting team on a day-to-day basis and runs bi-monthly, 2-day training workshops.

Michael is a world-leading Act! trainer and has previously run Act! Certification courses in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

Memberships and awards

Michael is a member of Swiftpage’s Business Partner Advisory Council (BPAC). This select group meets with Swiftpage (previously Sage) executives to provide feedback on product features, product development, corporate strategy, industry trends and the competitive landscape.

Michael is also a previous winner of the Best Act! Team Player Award.

Michael is married with five children and lives on Sydney’s North Shore. When he’s not driving Act Today forward, his interests include golf, fishing, boating and camping.

Get in touch

To find out how Act! could transform your business, contact us or call Australia 1300 362 046, or New Zealand 0800 443 163.

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