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Guardian Wills

Loving it already. Act! will make such a huge difference. Thanks again Shevaun Johnstone August 10, 2016

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Ian Wright

“Many thanks for yet another support input for my ‘upgrade’ Version 18. I have now been using Act! since 1991,…

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Helen Smith

“Something I really appreciated with Mitch and Shirley, is that they are always readily accessible. Mitch know’s what he’s talking…

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Philip Woodman

“I am not aware of any other system on the market that has the wide ranging, straightforward facilities for adaptation…

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Amazing FDC

January 30, 2016

“Thank you so very much. I have been waiting for the purchase of Act! so hopefully now once everyone gets…

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Teresa Ganner

Smartcom Solutions

“I must say I am very impressed with the program Act! and hope to master the navigation process as soon…

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Petit Fleur

“We revolutionised our business with Act!. Having a database that is easy to use with back up support at the…

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