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“Our systems before we had Act! were pretty horrendous. We had a system that had grown organically over the last 100 years. Mitch worked with the Northland Chamber of Commerce to bring together 16 separate databases and spreadsheets to merge these into one database.

We found the process of installing Act! was fantastic. Three steps in the process. It was just a bit more than uploading software and it was just a really good service from “wo” to go!
Since we’ve had Act! the operations of our business has become very much more productive. We’ve also eliminated a lot of the errors that we made.

We would recommend Act! every time. It has made our life a lot easier. It’s made our business operations a lot more productive and it’s really eliminated the stress within our organisation with data and data management.”

Jeff Smith Northland Chamber of Commerce February 1, 2016

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