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What’s new in Act! v17

Act! v17 is the latest release from Swiftpage. They are marketing it as the most intelligent version of the #1 best-selling contact and customer manager and they’d be right. There are some great features in Act! v17 such as the enhanced Act! Emarketing tool, the integration with popular cloud tools such as Dropbox, SharePoint™ and iCloud®, new and improved sync options for Outlook, numerous usability, installation and configuration improvements and finally, a fresh new look.

Enhanced Act! Emarketing

The inbuilt Act! Emarketing tool was actually introduced in Act! v16.1 with the purpose of becoming a replacement for the previous emarketing service, Swiftpage Connect. Act! Emarketing provides a simpler interface with a powerful editor so you can easily create, send and track professional and eye-catching email campaigns – all from within Act!.

Act! emarketing Basic is now included with Act! v17 so you can send unlimited emails to up to 500 contacts per month. Business Care subscribers also receive an additional $15/month off, up to a $180 value*.

The new Act! Lead Capture enables you to easily create simple web forms that you can build into your website, newsletters and emails. You can then create/update your contacts using the data captured in the form. No more copy and paste.
Act! Emarketing

As with Swiftpage Connect, you get the Call List feature in Act! Emarketing. The Call List provides you with intelligent lead scoring based on their interaction with your email so you know who to call first. There is a small additional cost for the Call List feature however you can use your credit to cover this cost if you subscribe to Business Care.

The Smart Task options for Act! Emarketing save you time by automatically scheduling key follow up activities based on dynamic criteria that you define. Imagine sending an email to welcome a new customer, scheduling the calls to follow up your hot leads and assigning contacts to team members without having to lift a finger?

Overall, the improvements of Act! Emarketing in v17 have been designed to help you fuse the power of your emarketing with your sales efforts so you can easily nurture your leads and keep your customers loyal.

Automation and Productivity Enhancements

Act! v17 now allows you to easily integrate files from tools such as Dropbox, SharePoint™, iCloud®, Google Docs™ and more into your Act! contacts. Save time searching for documents by having the most up-to-date information about your customers and prospects accessible from their contact record. You can also attached photos from your mobile device if you have a mobile version of Act! installed. See Act! Mobility for more information on getting Act! on your favourite mobile device.

For those of you who like to use Outlook while you’re on the go…Act! v17 has new Outlook sync options to allow you to choose a 1-way sync of your Act! Contacts and Calendar to Outlook or a 2-way sync so that you can bring information back to Act!. The 1-way sync is great for people who have complex address books in Outlook don’t want to import them into Act!.

TimelineWith the new Contact Timeline feature, you get a dynamic view of all interactions with a particular contact. Timeline is also interactive so you can open the activities in this tab for review. The Timeline will help you prepare for and personalise your customer communications.

Streamlined Configuration

The new streamlined configuration and access options give you faster access to support, easier on-boarding making the roll out of Act! fast and easy. For larger deployments, you have the automated silent install and the ability to configure Act! Premium for Web remote databases and offline clients directly from the web. Another feature for Act! Premium for Web users is the ability to seamlessly import contacts from CSV files directly you’re your online database. Previously data imports had to be performed on the server.

Enhancements to the preferences mean that in a shared database scenario, you can pre-set the preferences and then apply to all users, allowing you to set up users quickly and easily, saving time and ensuring consistency.

Another great little feature is the ability to hide inactive users from dropdowns which can help speed up data entry. We don’t recommend deleting records of Act! users if they leave the company as this deletes all the history and interactions of that user. Scrolling through a list of inactive names can be a nuisance though so while not a huge feature – we love it!

As always, the Act! Development Team have also improved behind the scenes performance and usability so you can have peace of mind.

Act! get a fresh new look

Act! v17 comes with a new modern look and feel however it’s not too extreme that you will have to learn your way around again. The new layout, updated icons and colours will help you navigate more easily. You now have easy access to resources and tools to help you get more out of Act!.

New look of Act! v17The Act! Marketplace contains dozens of high quality apps to integrate your accounting package, data management and reports. You can now easily access these right from within Act!. Plus, exclusive discounts are available if you have Business Care. (We believe Business Care is a must so it’s automatically included when you buy Act! from Act Today.)

Finally, you can access helpful tips, webinars, tutorials and news updates from the new Act! Welcome Page so that you can get the most out of Act!.

For more information on Act! v17 please contact us on 1300 362 046.

*Pricing and discounts subject to change.

Note: Please ensure that you check the System Requirements and Act! AddOn compatibility with the vendor prior to upgrading.

SPEAK TO AN ACT! SPECIALIST in Australia 1300 362 046

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