PAYG Support

Do you need help with Act! without an Annual Support Plan?

We now have two Pay As You Go (PAYG) options for customers without an Annual Support Plan:

  • Prepaid PAYG
  • Direct Debit PAYG

With Prepaid PAYG support, you'll get 30 minutes of Act! support for just $120 plus GST, or purchase up to 5 hours at the same rate. You can return to this page at any time to purchase additional support as needed. Your Act! consultant can usually quote the time you will need to purchase for specific tasks.

Prepaid PAYG Support is perfect for Act! users who:

  • Need help ASAP with a current technical issue
  • Don’t expect to use further phone, email or consulting support for a long time
  • Wish to pre-pay for just the work currently required
  • Don't want to complete a Direct Debit form or purchase an Annual Support Plan

To get Prepaid PAYG support, simply fill in the form to the right and enter your debit/credit card details.
An Act! certified consultant will then contact you to schedule a time. If you are already working with an Act! consultant, please contact them directly after making your purchase. We accept online payments via Stripe using Visa, Mastercard & AMEX. Once you click the submit button, please be patient as it takes a few seconds to land on the confirmation page.

Further support will be invoiced in 15-minute increments with a minimum of 30 minutes per session, but will usually require additional pre-payment or a direct debit form. Please see our Terms and Conditions for details.

Direct Debit PAYG is perfect for Act! users who:

  • Wish to avoid the need to prepay next time they need support
  • Can, on this occasion, wait up to 1 business day for our office to process their Direct Debit form
  • Anticipate using phone, email or consulting support again in the near future
  • Wish to pay only on completion of any work
  • Don't want to purchase an Annual Support Plan

To get Direct Debit PAYG support, please complete the following steps:

  1. Click here to download our direct debit form for PAYG support.
  2. Complete, print, sign & scan the form.
  3. Click here to upload your completed & signed direct debit form securely via Microsoft OneDrive.
  4. Our office will then pre-authorise your debit/credit card for the cost of one 30-minute support session.
  5. Our office will notify you & your Act! consultant that Direct Debit support is ready to use.
  6. Contact your Act! consultant at your convenience to arrange support as request.
  7. Support will be charged to your card on completion of work.
  8. A tax invoice will be provided for each charge to your card, showing paid in full.

Are you using over 2 hours of Act! support per year and want to save money?

Annual Support Plans:

  • Cost less than the included support hours would otherwise.
  • Provide a reduced hourly rate for any additional hours.
  • Allow additional hours to be billed on completion instead of prepaid.
  • Include limited free phone/email support in addition to the included hours.

Click here to see our Annual Support Plans

Note: Providing your mobile phone number indicates consent to receive appointment reminders and other notices from us via text message unless you have already opted-out or opt-out in the future.