Act! AddOns are third party programs that integrate with Act! CRM to provide you with the extra functionality that you need to meet your unique business requirements. There are many AddOns to choose from across a whole range of functions however these are our favourite and most popular. 

If you want to talk to someone about AddOn functionality and which ones would be suited to your business, feel free to give us a call or contact your local consultant.

An essential AddOn when integrating Act! for Web, Act! Cloud, or Act! SaaS with Microsoft Outlook


An essential AddOn when integrating with Microsoft Outlook designed to enhance your Act! and Outlook integration needs.


Create a seamless integration between Act! and MYOB Accounting and gain the benefits of a fully integrated CRM application without the need for an expensive enterprise solution.


Speed up Outlook & ensure a complete Act! history by replacing the Outlook plugin from Act! with this reliable background service that captures all required messages, often missed by plugins.


Sync your Act! Contacts, Calendar, Activities, and more to on your mobile device with less setup than the versions of HHC.


A full-featured app that makes it simple to manage your Act! Contacts, Calendar, Activities, and more right on your mobile device – even without an Internet connection. 


With HHC Premium, sync Act! data to your mobile device more frequently, on more devices and so much faster than the other versions. Requires current Act! subscription.


A simple and fast way to create, attach and send professional quotations and proposals. In just a few clicks, you can easily send a quote from Act!.


Save time and typos with this reliable background service receiving email from your web forms to create/update contacts in Act!.


SmartAddress4Act! is an Act! AddOn that provides a fast and easy way to find information on a contact you are entering into your Act! database. 


Easily send texts to one or more contacts straight from Act!. 
Flexible one-to-many data relationships for your contacts that creates a spreadsheet type functionality.


The Knowtifier is an AddOn for Act! that automates the delivery of email notifications to your contacts.