In less than an hour, we can help you decide if Act! is right for your business

Our CRM demo is tailored to your business’ specific needs – we don’t just present you with a generic product sales pitch. It’s more like a consultation where you will have the opportunity to discuss your particular requirements to see if we can help you.

At this stage, we need to gain an understanding of your business requirements and what you want to accomplish. Our demos can be conducted as a webinar or we can come to you as we have consultants located across Australia and New Zealand.

What’s covered in a demo
  • You tell us about what you need, the pain-points in your business, and any automations or customisation you may require.
  • We'll explain how you can use Act! as a simple and affordable CRM solution that is customised to fit your needs – and if we can’t, we’ll say so.
  • We will show you around the system and where possible, even start configuring it to your needs as a way of showing you how Act! can help.
Act! on laptop, Ipad and iPhone
Why we are different from other CRM providers

We specialise in just Act!, one of the most popular and affordable CRMs on the market today. Unlike other CRM providers, when you work with Act Today, we are with you every step of the way. The same consultant that does your demo, is the same person you deal with throughout the entire process. You don't waste time having to explain yourself over and over again.

After the implementation, you are supported by the consultant that knows your system and can provide the highest quality support. Additionally, we provide you with the backing of an entire team of Act! experts so if your consultant is not available, there is always someone to help. Schedule your demo today and find out how we can help to grow your business.


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