The key to a successful CRM is a great implementation

The right implementation will mean that your team will hit the ground running and maximise your results from the get-go. We have implemented Act! as a CRM solution for many clients across a range of industries. Unlike other CRMs that have a complex roll-out process involving multiple departments, we are a 'one-stop shop'.

Our expert accredited team can assist in all areas of your implementation to ensure the rapid deployment of a superior and effective CRM solution. If you already have Act! installed, we can help you to streamline your processes to make it the perfect fit for your business. If you simply need some training for your staff, we can do that too. Essentially, we take the pain out of your CRM implementation and provide ongoing, real-time, local support. 

The stages below outline the process in a typical implementation:

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Needs Analysis

  • Identify and understand the business goals.
  • Understand the current challenges you wish to overcome with CRM.
  • Create a vision and articulate the outcomes of the CRM within your business.
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Installation and Configuration

  • Install and configure Act! into your current business system.
  • Our experienced consultants will ensure the database is configured with your objectives in mind.
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Data Import and Conversion

  • We clean your data, eliminate duplicates, format and re-organise where necessary.
  • We are experts at converting and compiling data from various sources.
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  • We will provide full training for your team.
  • We will nominate an Act! Champion who will be identified as an advanced user during the process.
  • Our aim is to ensure you get the most out of your CRM.

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  • We have a range of support options to suit your business.
  • Pay as you go support option.
  • Support plans to suit your ongoing needs.

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CRM Health Check

  • We establish a reliable back up system to avoid data loss.
  • We review workflow processes to improve team efficiencies.
  • We configure the correct database maintenance processes to ensure Act! is running at peak efficiency.