The Act Today team works across many industries, business and organisations, continually supporting, implementing and improving how Act! is working for our clients. Over the years we have realised the benefits of well-managed customer data and the power that sits behind this data for business owners and their teams.

Here, we share the latest and greatest tips and tricks that you can use with Act! CRM along with industry trends, new technologies, integrations and new features, all designed to make your life easier and help you create a closer connection with your customers.

Written by   |   Apr 14 2022

The April 2022 Act! updates include a critical security update in a Microsoft component, considered mandatory for all Act! customers. Sometimes Microsoft labels an update a critical security update when it is deemed necessary to prevent cyber-attack, including data loss, financial theft, identity theft & ransomware (see page here).


Written by   |   Mar 27 2022

Act! v24 is the first ever 64-bit version, delivering stability & turbocharged performance, while Office integration enhancements bring optimised usability. Ongoing updates, including support for Windows® 11 & the latest major Office 365 release, help you retain compatibility with the latest hardware & software releases.

Power up your CRM communications by sending text messages through SMS4Act!

Text messaging has been around for a while but its use in business communications has ramped up over the past few years. Organisations of all kinds are starting to see the value of mass texting in communicating with customers. The messaging market is expected to grow to $72.8B USD by 2025.

Written by   |   Jun 1 2021

Marketing automation is a big deal in both B2B and B2C industries. Unfortunately, marketing automation is not a magic trick for capturing leads and converting them into customers. For best results, it has to be used properly. Find out some best practices for marketing automation, and how you can implement them in your own business.

Written by   |   Apr 16 2021

Whilst Act! CRM software is a powerful tool on its own, you can increase your productivity even further by expanding functionality using Act! Addons. From hundreds of Act! AddOns, you can select the features that you need and then take advantage of those functions to streamline your business processes and unlock Act!'s full potential. 

Written by   |   Apr 1 2021

As of 1st April 2021, Act Today will be owned and operated by Act ANZ Pty Ltd. It's a big change however we want to assure our valued customers that it will be business as usual. We will continue trading as Act Today with the same team of wonderful support staff and consultants. Find out what lead to the change and what is ahead for Act Today.

Written by   |   Mar 21 2021

If you’re not on the latest version of Act!, you’re missing game-changing innovations and modern enhancements in the next-generation platform. With a revamped Outlook Add-in, a new Word Add-in and innovations in Act! Marketing Automation, Act! v23 is designed to streamline the user experience and ensure maximum productivity.

Written by   |   Dec 11 2020

Investments in CRM can yield an ROI of around $8 for every dollar spent. However, such returns are not gained automatically. Find out how you can capitalise on your CRM to make money.

Businesses use a variety of software tools to accomplish various functions. While these solutions accomplish different tasks, they are usually more useful when working together for a common goal. API is a way that you can link between different software products to create a seamless integrated solution perfect for your small business.

Does your sales pipeline feel inefficient? Are you finding it challenging closing deals? Find out how you can supercharge your sales results. With the right tools and data insights, your sales reps will be empowered to steer more leads through the sales pipeline, from prospect to brand champion.

Written by   |   Oct 12 2020

COVID-19 has highlighted the importance and value of customers. In this unprecedented climate, it's vital that businesses develop and maintain strong relationships with their customers. Act! CRM is proving to be an essential and affordable tool to enable small and medium-sized businesses to achieve this.

Customer Experience (CX) is the impression a brand leaves with those who interact with it, influencing how they perceive the organisation. Find out how you can create an awesome customer experience along with practical tips to keep your customers happy.

With cloud computing, there are different models for deploying the resources including public, private, and hybrid cloud. All three provide similar benefits, including cost-effectiveness, performance, reliability, and scale but which deployment method you choose depends on your business needs.

Many business owners and managers mistakenly take email marketing and marketing automation as the same thing. There is so much to gain from marketing automation that you cannot achieve with email marketing alone. Learn the differences and which one you should be using.

Investing in the future of your business will ensure you stay on a growth trajectory and provide the solid foundations to ensure longevity in your business growth. So what are the investments a business to ensure ongoing growth?

As you embark on the path to an improved CRM, it is essential to remember a few key points related to customer privacy and security to ensure your are doing the right thing by the law and your customers.

Written by   |   Apr 17 2020

Using CRM you can easily bring a level of personalisation to aid conversion, help build your brand reputation, and keep your customers coming back. Find out 4 easy ways that you can put personalisation to work for you.

Written by   |   Apr 15 2020

CRM is one of the most important parts of any business. In this post, we'll break down 5 of the ways that CRM and marketing automation can save you time and make you more money.

CRM is a game-changing tool for a small business however if it's not configured and used correctly, you are not going to see a return on your investment. Find out what the 5 most common mistakes are that business make when using a CRM, and how to avoid them.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world in ways that we could never have imagined, including the way we do business. Find out how you can make the most out of your CRM in order to stay competitive during these trying times.

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