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What’s New in Act! v19

Now 64-bit compatible, the newest version of Act! is designed to maximise productivity and subscription value.

Here are the key highlights in version 19:

What’s new in v19.1 What’s new in v19.2

Compatibility Updates

Work with the Microsoft® products you rely on every day, because Act! is now compatible with 64-­bit editions of Microsoft Office 2016, 2013, and 2010 as well as Microsoft® Windows® Server 2016 and Microsoft® SQL Server 2016.

Act! Compatibility updates

Act! Companion Mobile App

(Available on Act! Premium Subscription only)
Stay connected to key Act! Premium details when on the move with Act! Companion — a native mobile app designed for your iPhone® or Android™. Learn more about Act! Companion

  • Get alerts for upcoming activities
  • Easily capture notes during meetings
  • Schedule new activities and to-do’s, mark activities as complete and schedule follow-ups
  • Create new contacts and edit existing records
  • Email or call your Act! Premium contacts from the app
  • Work in a social way with @mentions and simple text updates
  • Benefit from intelligent notifications sent directly to the home screen of your phone keep you on task and on time

Act! Companion mobile app
Act! Companion mobile app

FAQs: Act! Companion App

Q: Which versions of iPhone and Android are supported?

A: iOS versions 9.x and up, and Android Lollipop, KitKat, and

Q: Where can I get it?

A: The App stores—Apple and Google Play—at launch.

Q: Which Act! Premium features are available?

A: Contacts, activities, and history items.

Q: Does Act! Companion work with Act! Pro?

A: No, Act! Companion is only available to customers on an Act! Subscription.

Q: Does it replace Act! Premium Mobile?

A: No, Act! Companion is designed to work in tandem with Act! Premium Mobile, not in place of. Because it’s a native mobile app, it leverages the features on your phone to communicate key Act! Premium details to you. A push notification system informs you of things like upcoming activities via home screen pop-­ups. It also lets you make quick and easy updates, without having to log in to the website—simply tap into the app and go!

(Available on Act! Premium Subscription only)
Streamline your workflow between Act! Premium and Outlook® with Act! Premium Contact Link.

  • Create new Act! Premium contacts or edit existing contacts
  • View and interact with the details of past activities, or create and schedule new activities with your contacts
  • Attach the text of an Outlook email to your contacts
  • Do it all from within Outlook!
Act! Premium Contact Link

Act! Connect

(Available on Act! Premium Subscription only)

Act! Connect puts integration with at your fingertips! Quickly and easily set up connections between Act! and Act! Premium Contact Link (above). Plus you can now link Act! to hundreds of popular business apps like Google Contacts, SurveyMonkey, and Wufoo to automate the tedious tasks in your workflow. Enrich your Act! data and trigger actions that save time and accelerate your sales and marketing efforts.

No web server, no problem! The new Act! Connect Link now delivers the power of the Act! Connect integration platform to Act! Premium desktop or Windows® users with no complicated setup—simply install and go!  Leverage Web API-­based connections even if you’re a Windows® user, because Connections like Act! Companion mobile app and Act! Premium Contact Link are available to you with Act! Connect.

Act! Connect

Act! Emarketing Improvements

Send Act! emarketing campaigns up to 5 times faster! Performance improvements not only reduce the time it takes to send email campaigns, but also ensure large campaigns send successfully.

Campaign management improvements
Get instant feedback on your current Act! emarketing service level before sending email campaigns.
Quickly and easily see email campaign history for a given contact.
Don’t worry about accidental sends! A send confirmation dialog will now check to make sure you’re ready to send an email campaign.
Enhanced send email campaign dialog

See live details about your contact limit, usage this month, and new recipients.
Act! emarketing-monthly-contact.

Campaign history overwrite

Campaign history overwrite creates and updates one history entry.
Act! emarketing campaign history overwrite

Call List Improvements

A new date range filter for campaigns will enable users to focus on the results they need in order to quickly follow up. Additionally, downloaded campaign lists will now be cached, giving improved performance as users navigate to and from the Act! emarketing view.

Customer-driven enhancements

Benefit from our ongoing commitment to best-­in-­class usability with hundreds of quality updates.

Enjoy 30+ refreshed standard reports

Now with more relevant fields, plus improved default filters and sort orders to help you get the information you need quickly. Additionally, consistent field references and data formatting make reports easier to customise. Plus a new “REP2” file type ensures existing custom reports stay safe.

Functionality Updates for Act! Cloud

Use functionality in Act! Premium for Web and Act! Premium Cloud, previously only available in Windows®

Scan for duplicates

Better manage the integrity of your data in Act! Premium for Web and Act! Premium Cloud. Plus a new formatting toolbar in layout designer to further customise screen layouts in Act! Premium for Web and Act! Premium Cloud.

What’s New in Act! Premium v19 Brief
What’s New in Act! Pro v19 Brief
System Requirements
6 Factors to consider before upgrading Act!

Find out more about what is new in v19.1 and v19.2

Download Act! v19

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Ready to Upgrade?

Upgrade now and get all the benefits of Act! v19. Select your version below to find out about pricing and how to upgrade.

Version 17 & 18

Upgrading from Act! v17/18 Pro or Premium

Users with Act! licenses for versions 17 or 18 are eligible for up to 32% off when upgrading to Act! v19. Upgrade to Act! Pro v19 and benefit from feature enhancements, or subscribe to Act! Premium to take advantage of all the new features plus exclusive member benefits, like expert technical support and access to new features and updates as they’re released.

Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade Pro Top 6 Reasons to Subscribe


Billing Cycle
Email marketing*
Video training
Windows® offline clients
Web Access
New features*
Compatibility updates*
Admin & Security Control
Web API Platform
Mobile Access
Expert technical support*

Act! Pro

per user/+GST
RRP : $300 - Save 27%
Billing Cycle : Once off upgrade cost
Email marketing*
Video training
Windows® offline clients
Web Access
New features* : Includes V20.0
Compatibility updates* : Includes V20.0
Admin & Security Control : Basic
Web API Platform
Mobile Access : $
Expert technical support*: $

Act! Premium

per user/per month/+GST
RRP : $33.60 - Save 32%
Billing Cycle : Annually
Email marketing*
Video training
Windows® offline clients
Web Access
New features*
Compatibility updates*
Admin & Security Control : Advanced
Web API Platform
Mobile Access
Expert technical support*

Act! Cloud

per user/per month/+GST
RRP : $45
Billing Cycle : Quarterly
Email marketing*
Video training
Windows® offline clients : Optional
Web Access
New features*
Compatibility updates*
Admin & Security Control
Web API Platform
Mobile Access
Expert technical support*

Version 16 & Older

Upgrading from Act! v16 and older

You are currently using an unsupported version of Act! and are not receiving key updates and hot fixes required to ensure your product is compatible with current business platforms, like Windows® 10. To avoid potential risk of disruption to your business, upgrading to the latest version of Act! is recommended.

See Swiftpage’s Obsolescence Policy for Act!,

Top 6 Reasons to Subscribe View Plans and Pricing Request a quote

Important Message: We strongly suggest that you read the associated documentation on the system requirements and procedures for installing software and applying updates/hotfixes prior to installing. If you are using an Act! AddOn or have specific customisations, please check compatibility with vendor prior to upgrading. Note that all users need to be on the same Act! version so the upgrade must be applied to all workstations and sync databases (if you are synchronising). Act Today accepts no responsibly for self installations. Please contact us if you require assistance.


*Important Notes

  1. Some features and updates are only available on Act! Premium Subscription.
  2. Act! subscriptions now include ongoing basic level technical support. Subscribers have access to an exclusive online ticketing system, extensive Knowledgebase, an active Community, and unlimited access to the Act! training library. For additional services outside the subscription technical support scope, our Act! consultants (ACCs) are able to provide expert help, advice and training. To contact your local ACC visit find a consultant or view our great value-for-money local Support Plans.
  3. Pricing is per user. AUD excluding GST. Discount off MSRP.
  4. Emarketing include 500 contact for free.
  5. Discount upgrade pricing for v17/18 users ends 30/9/2017.
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