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Deployment Options for Act!

Access your CRM from anywhere, anyhow.

One of the unique benefits of Act! is the multiple deployment options unlike no other CRM on the market today. As an Act! user, you have the choice to access your customer data how you like to work. Whether you are mobile and need Act! in the Cloud, you work at home or in a office and need local access, or you need a combination of different access methods, Act! has a solution for you.


Local access independent from internet connectivity.

With desktop deployment, Act! is installed locally on each of your PCs in your office and your Act! data is stored on your local server.

Benefits of using Act! locally

  • Independence from internet connectivity and bandwidth considerations.
  • Working on a local copy is faster and more efficient than relying on your Internet download speed.
  • Access to information on the internal details of the system, such as data storage location, and user privileges.
  • Configuration and upgrades are done by the user, which allows you to offer specific functions and customisations.
  • No requirement for ongoing third-party hosting fees.

About Act! Premium


Get on-demand access to your Act! data anywhere, anytime.

With Act! Cloud deployment, your Act! database is hosted on a web server (either your own or one of our secure servers) where you access Act! Premium via the web (browser or mobile device). You can also have other software applications that you use such as Office 365 hosted on the same server as well to have a fully integrated work space in the cloud.

There are several reasons why our Act! Cloud is so popular especially with small to medium businesses. You reap the benefits of big business infrastructure without the need for your own in-house IT implementation and maintenance.

Benefits of using Act! Cloud:

  • Flexibility Scale up and down to meet your business requirements. Increase or decrease the number of users and/or data space required as you need.
  • Security Your data is stored on highly secure servers, maintained and backed up. This is more secure than a computer under your desk or unsecured server room. Additionally, if you lose your laptop, all your business information remain secure.
  • Cost There are no upfront hardware costs such as servers. No in house IT maintenance/administration. Easy to budget for ongoing IT expenditure.
  • Productivity All employees can easily access their contact information while they are away from the office using the same functionality as they are used to with Act!.

About Act! Cloud Cloud vs On-Premises Cloud limitations

Remote Offline Access

Access your Act! database from anywhere without an internet connection.

Remote Offline Access is achieved through the Act! Synchronisation utility. It allows you to operate on a local copy of the Act! database so you don’t always have to be connected to the Internet. You can send/receive any updates to the master copy when you get connected. You can have access to all the data, or maybe just a subset of the data that you need.

Examples of when you need to use Act! Synchronisation

  • Users who operate from remote offices or from home.
  • Laptop users who need to work on the road (or in the air).
  • Hosting the main database with an external provider (possibly use Premium for Web) and syncing to a copy of the database for better control of imports/exports and mail merges.
    For example, you may have offices in multiple locations, each with their own copy of the database that synchronises to a master database in the head office.

Benefits of using synchronisation over other mobile solution

  • You are not reliant upon a permanent internet connection.
  • Working on a local copy is faster and more efficient than relying on your internet download speed.
  • Internet/WAN/LAN access is only required when you send/receive updates.
  • Administrators are able to segment the data so that end users only see the data that they need (useful for Territory Management).
  • Provides true mobility with local integration into Microsoft Office software applications.
  • Synchronisation is a standard feature of Pro and Premium Act! versions.

Need help with sync?


Multiple access methods to the one database.

With a hybrid deployment option, you can select a combination or all of the other deployment options to give you full flexibility for access and control.

Examples of hybrid deployment
Your team is located across multiple areas, e.g. there is a team in the head office operating on a local network. Your sales reps are on the road with tablets/phones. Another person works from home.

In this scenario, your Act! database would reside on a web server either internally (if you have this infrastructure) or by a third party. The team in the head office access Act! locally on their PCs. The sales reps access Act! via a browser on their phone or tablet. They are able to view live data and any changes are directly reflected back in the head office. The person that works from home wants to wrk locally for increased performance so they use Remote Offline Access and periodically sync with the master database.

Contact us to speak with an Act! specialist about the best deployment options for your business.

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