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Act Today becomes largest distributor for Handheld Contact

We are proud to announce that Act Today are now the largest distributor of Handheld Contact (HHC) in the Asia Pacific region. Handheld Contact is a powerful, yet really simple AddOn tool that makes it possible to have “Act! on your phone”. Since its inception in 2002, our consultants have been using and recommending Handheld Contact to our customers.

Why use Handheld Contact?

Handheld Contact is easy to use and setup. It’s reliable, robust and provides lots of user functionality…and at only 27 cents a day offers a very strong ROI!

With Handheld Contact, all your nominated contacts are on your phone. When you receive a call, Caller ID identifies the contact record in Handheld Contact and syncs the history to your Act! database. You can also scan contact details from a business card (using CamCard) and have them import back into Act! via Handheld Contact.

From Handheld Contact, you can send emails and SMS messages that record history on the contact. The voice to text feature is a great time saving tool. It records your message on your phone and then includes the message in the history of your Act! contact – much easier than trying to type notes and history on an iPhone (especially if you have big fingers!)

The Handheld Contact development team expanded in 2016 and they are now working on future product developments to make Handheld Contact even better. Your Handheld Contact app should automatically notify you when there is an update to install. We highly recommend installing these updates in order to take advantage of the latest features and security improvements.

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Michael Bryant
Michael Bryant is the Founder and CEO of Act Today. Michael is an internationally recognised industry expert. He provides ongoing consulting services to our clients and has built best Act! consultancy team in Australasia.
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