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Act! CRM

Robust Customer Management, Sales Automation, and Email Marketing

Best for Individuals and cost-conscious small businesses

Act! Pro will keep you organised with a single view of your contact info, emails, meeting notes, activities, and to-dos for everyone you do business with. Additionally, Act! features and services will help you to market your products and services more effectively, driving sales results while creating customers for life.

  • Windows® offline client
  • One time purchase1
  • Fresh new look
  • Free Email marketing2
  • Next Generation Outlook® Integration
  • Video training
  • 30 Days Free Support3
  • Get the power of Act! on your phone or tablet.4


Act! AddOns

A full featured App that makes it simple to manage your Act! Contacts, Calendar, Activities, and more right on your mobile device – even without an Internet connection.


Easily send texts to one or more contacts straight from Act!. Record the message against the contact’s record along with any replies.
Postcodes4Act! automatically inserts the State and Postcode into the Act! record when you type in the suburb. It also detects any change in the suburb and automatically updates the record with the new State and Postcode.


Create a seamless integration between Act! and MYOB Accounting and gain the benefits of a fully integrated CRM application without the need for an expensive enterprise solution.


A simple and fast way to create, attach and send professional quotations and proposals. In just a few clicks, you can easily send a quote from Act!.


An essential AddOn when integrating with Microsoft Outlook designed to enhance your Act! and Outlook integration needs.


The Knowtifier is an AddOn for Act! that automates the delivery of email notifications to your contacts.


Flexible one-to-many data relationships for your contacts that creates a spreadsheet type functionality.