1-Click Merge

Expand the Act! Write menu into a multi-level map of all of your business processes that involve creating and/or sending documents or emails from templates, to action these in just 1 Click with predefined rules for document name, subject line, message body, recipients, attachments, follow-up activity and more.

A simple and fast way to create, attach and send professional documents, emails, certificates and more.

Automate tedious document/email processes to save time, boost productivity and reduce errors. 1-Click Merge maps your business processes to a comprehensive Act! Write menu, to use your Act! data to create documents from Microsoft Word templates, convert to PDF & print or email to your contacts. The email and document are recorded in the History or Documents tab in Act! so you can easily locate when they call you or when you follow up.


  • Create documents in PDF or Microsoft Word format from Microsoft Word templates.
  • Create as many templates as you like and share with your team.
  • Merge information from Act! contacts, companies, groups & opportunities into your documents and email body.
  • Create documents for the current contact/company/group/opportunity or a lookup of contacts/companies/groups/opportunities.
  • Documents are automatically saved with the naming convention you design using the template name, Act! data, the date/time and/or a sequential number.
  • Documents are automatically attached to the History or Documents tab in Act!.
  • Documents can also be attached to a new email message, with subject and body based on a template and merged Act! data.
  • The email can be sent to one or multiple addresses found on the Act! contact, company, group and/or opportunity.
  • Achieve all of the above in just 1 click!






per user per year (GST added at checkout for AU/NZ customers)

Works with Act! version v18-v25
and Microsoft Office 2007-2022 & 365

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