Duplicate Remover Wizard

While Act! allows you to find & manually merge two contacts at a time, this addon will save you hours of tedious work, clean up your database & reduce errors, by merging all duplicate contacts & companies in bulk.

Removes duplicate Contacts & Companies

  • Process all contacts in your database or just the contacts in a specific group; or process all companies.
  • Specify up to 6 fields to be used to match records to find duplicates (5 for companies).
  • Specify whether records where one or more of the match fields are blank are to be ignored (recommended).
  • Specify whether the most or least recently created/modified record is the record that will be retained in full.
  • Selectively exclude records from the potential matches found by the program.
  • Merge fields from records to be deleted into blank fields in the record that will be retained.
  • If a non-blank field that is different than the value that is being kept is present in some field in a record to be deleted, record that field name & value to a note.
  • Move all subsidiary data (Notes, History, Activities, Opportunities, Documents & Custom Table entries) to the retained contact/company.
  • For merged contacts, retain Secondary Contacts, Company Links & Company/Group static membership.
  • For merged companies, retain Contact Links & static Contact/Opportunity membership; and retain the dynamic criteria from one of the company records being combined.





per year (GST added at checkout for AU/NZ customers). To be installed on a single computer only (usually the database server).
This is for Act! v24-25. Please note that upgrading Act! may require the purchase of a new version of this add-on.
We recommend purchasing a support session to assist with first use for the best outcome (available at checkout).
Also available for Act! v19-23: download here | purchase here

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